Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mesmerizing Intellectual Beauty..

Many people thinks that
Love is the beauty of the soul
But your intelligence, is something to behold
You are intellectually beautiful
Your intellectual beauty
Is exciting and enlighteningly mesmerizing

Acuity and acumen
That can only be found, in a few humans
Incite with a bite
So captivating and compelling
We can learn so much from you
If we are willing

To be in your presence
Is an immeasurable delight
From being in your presence
I gained so much insight
You brought so much knowledge
Into my life

Vision and perception
So precise
Many people are saying that
They have never seen anyone
With your intellectual capabilities
They have not seen your intelligence
In any other human!

Life Is Not An Easy Road...

Don't give up on your journey, life is not an easy road.

Righteousness and justice, let it be the foundation of your throne,
and everything else will fall into place.
Equal rights and justice, should be a part of our existence.
Love and faithfulness, let it go before you, and let it be your guide.
Behind a dark cloud, there is a silver lining.
From behind a dark cloud, the sun will come out.
Everything cannot be seen by the naked eyes.
Beyond the naked eyes, there are visions of many things.
Follow your intuition, and pursue your dreams. 
Don't give up on your inner feelings, some of the things that you're feeling inside,
is coming from the Almighty God, the creator.
God is giving you little hints, of things you can do, to make your life better.
Follow your innermost feelings, don't let nothing, or no one stop you from doing so!

Don't give up on your journey, life is not an easy road!

A few of these lines is from the Bible.. interpreted into my own words.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

This is Absolutely Mind Boggling..

Crazy things happening all around me. Everyone is doing things, that they know they shouldn't be doing. After doing all those crazy things around me, they turned and look at me like I'm the one who is crazy. I don't know if anything like this as ever happen to you, but whenever it happen to me, it drives me nuts!

Crazy things happening around me.
I am trying my best to be quiet in the state of loudness.
People who are sane, is acting like they're insane.
They are looking for the sweet escape, but they can't find it.
They are looking at the exit, but they don't see it.
They are looking for something, that is in their hand, but they can't find it.

Some of them laugh out loudly.
Eventually I would find out, that they were crying inside, while laughing out loudly.
They chose to cry inside, trying their best to hide whatever it was, that were making them cry inside, when they would've been better of showing it.

They saw the fire, and jump into it. When they got burned, they acted like they were surprised.
They're trying their best to thread rope, through the eye of a needle.
I need someone to help me understand, the crazy thoughts of these people!

Crazy things happening all around me, all I had to do was look very closely, to see some of the crazy things that was happening around me. Stop the madness! Where is the sanity? I don't want any part of this, CRAZINESS!

The Almighty God is Flawless..

The Almighty God is flawless. Flawless is the deeds of the Almighty God!
The words of God, is better than silver. Better than silver that has been 
refined in the furnace of clay, and purified seven times over.

Keep God words in your heart. Keep God in your thoughts, it shouldn't
hurt to do so. Try your best to live up-full and right. Be a delight in the sight
of God, it shouldn't hurt to do so.

Be careful of the things that you're doing. Because, in the end, what you give, 
is what you get. 'You will reap what you sow'  Don't be marred by ignominy! 
In your time of troubles; hold your head high, have faith in God, take refuge
in God, and he will keep you safe.

The Almighty God is flawless, flawless is the Almighty God.
God is perfect in every way!

Confidence: We must have self-confidence..

Self-confidence is something that I think all human beings  should have. And we should find a way to let everyone knows that we're very confident in ourselves! Self-confidence is when a person believes in them-self, believe in their ability to get the gob done, whatever the gob is. If we don't believe in ourselves, no one will believe in us. Because they will see and recognized that we don't believe in ourselves, so why should they..

I for one thinks that every human being on the face of the earth is very good at something. But I think there is also a problem when it comes to recognizing what we're good at doing, because we let self doubt creeps into our minds. If you should find yourself doubting your ability, talk it over with a family member, and a very good friend. Discuss your situation with people who you know will encourage you to be confident in yourself.

When you're confident in yourself, and your abilities. It makes you feel like you can take on the world, conquer, and overcome any challenge that you might face in your lifetime. If you think that you're good at something, you shouldn't just sit there and think that it will materialized itself. You've to work very hard at it. I strongly believe that those who improve themselves, and make their lives much better. Are people who embraces their abilities, has high self-esteem, and is very confident in themselves. Be confident in yourself and your God given ability! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Love Is a Beauty, It's a Beautiful Thing..

For some people. Love has many meanings.
For me; Love is an emotion that lives in the heart.
Some people define Love as a passionate affection from one person to another. The virtue that Love represents, is one of the best qualities a human being has to offer. Whatever the definition of Love is, from your perspective.

Love is a beauty, It's a beautiful thing.
Love is a beauty, the passion burns within.

This thing we call Love, do you really understand it?
This thing we call Love, do you what it is?
Some think Love is a game, that was meant for us to play.
Oh! It's a shame, that they feel this way.
They don't understand it, Love is not a game.
Some of us abused Love, by trying to play mind games.
It walks right out of your life, because it is sick of your games.
Some of us have Love, but don't recognize it.
Some of us lost it, before we knew we had it.
Some has Love to give, but don't know how to give it.
Some say they can feel it, but they can't explain it.
Many will say they Love you , but they don't know how to show it.
Most of us had Love, but we didn't appreciate it.
Don't use Love to mess with someone's emotion.
It is best for you to show some adoration.
Love is a beautiful thing, words can't explain it.

Love is a beauty, It's a beautiful thing.
Love is a beauty, the passion burns within.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dating Game..Thinking You are Hot Stuff..

All of us can remember how we felt, when we went on a date with someone that we thought was very special. But before the date happened. We couldn't wait for the time to come, so that we could go on this date with the person whom we thought was someone special.

The day and time has arrived. But right before the exact moment. Maybe an hour are two before we go on the date, we became apprehensive. We start asking ourselves, questions like these. "What if this person whom I thought is so special, don't like me?" Your ego kicks in and said. "They're going to like you, you got it going on, you're HOT STUFF." You try to tell your ego to shut up, but it's not listening to you. Your ego kept on BOOSTING you, by telling you that. "You're the GREATEST person in the world. This person whom you think is so special, is going to fall head over heels for you." Your ego finally stopped. And you said to yourself, "well, I hope this person is an amicable individual, at least, maybe I will end up having a good time."

Now you're finally on your date with this person whom you thought is so special. And before too long you realized, that this person whom you thought is so special, is your worst NIGHTMARE. This person just sits there as quiet as a Church Mouse, and let you do all the talking, barely says anything. Maybe because they're too shy, or they figured, that you're the one who wants to get to know them. Either way it's becoming a bad situation very fast. Now you start thinking to yourself, and mentally calling this person every name in the book that you can imagine. And at the same time you're hoping that something will happen to get you out of this date IMMEDIATELY, right now, right this minute, without hurting this persons feelings.

Have you ever stop, and think for a moment, that the other person who is on this date with you, is thinking and feeling the same way about you, as you felt about them. It's not always the other person, sometimes it's you or me. Take a closer look at yourself, your behavior, and your approach!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Without Faith, There is No Hope..

When you're down, but not out. And all hope seems to be lost, trust in God, and keep the faith. Without faith, there is no hope, that's why sometimes, it might feels as if you're lost. 

With all your troubles, yours might not be the worst. Things will get better, you just don't know when. Don't let life get you down, and put upon your face, a frown. Don't give up on yourself, God will do the rest. Trust in God! There is a God in this world, keep the faith and you will endure.

Even though it's difficult at times, when you're frustrated, because you're down on your luck, and life challenges has become so burdensome, to the point where you feel like giving up. Never, ever, give up on your life. Always believe in God, and yourself!

Monday, July 16, 2012

I Am Missing You Greatly..

You and me
Me and you
Our love is so true
I'm so glad, that I believed in you

Lady, you're such a delight
Because of you my life feels right
I thank GOD day and night
For bringing you into my life

My sweet lovely lady
I'm not obsess you baby
But lately
I've been missing you greatly

You're only gone for three days
But for those three days
I've been in a haze
A mental haze it is
And now it has gotten me into a faze
An emotionally disturbing faze
Because I am missing you for the past three days

Although at times, you drive me passionately crazy
Because you love me passionately
You know, that you're my one and only
My one and only
Sweet, lovely, passionately crazy  lady
You will always be my baby

Hurry home to me sweet lady
I don't like the feeling of missing you greatly
I would rather you be home with me baby
Driving me passionately crazy!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Personification of a Beautiful Woman..

Immaculately beautiful you are
Most people don't see it from a far
You're the personification of a beautiful woman
Your beauty fascinates every man

Your beauty is exceptionally unique
Most of my friends
Thinks that you are a freak
A freak of nature, they think you are
Because, only mother nature
Could create someone or something
With such exceptional beauty

Many of my friends has told me
That your beauty
Is provocatively alluring
They wondered out aloud
How could you ever be boring

My friends also told me that
Your beauty doesn't evoke any memories for them
Because, they have never been with a woman
Who is as beautiful as you are

 My friends, love to discuss with me
Your beauty and sexuality
What they don't know
And fails to understand
Is, that you're gracefully beautiful
And you are, a wonderful human! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beauty is in The Eyes of The Beholder..

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
And right now I'm beholding you
Beholding you I am
Because you make me feel special
Knowing that I am your only man

Many will look at you
But they won't see what I see
what I see in you
I have seen it only 
Because I have gotten the chance to know you

Your inner beauty, is a hidden gem
A beautiful gem, you've hidden within
Within you, your beauty lies
Your beauty is something
That cannot be seen
By the naked eyes

Your beauty will be seen and known
Only, by so many
Because only so many
Has gotten the wonderful opportunity 
Of getting to know you! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

What is Your Values..Do You Have Any?

For some of us, not most, I would say the minority. When we think of values, we are thinking of monetary worth. As far as I am concerned, values for me is my family. There is not enough money in the world to replace my family. Good genuine friends is invaluable to me, because money can't buy good genuine friends. I just named a two of the things that I valued the most.

What are your you have any? To better understand the true meaning of life, you have to understand the true values of life. Ask yourself these questions. What is my values? Do I have any values? Is there anything in life that I think is worth dying for? Am I willing to do anything and everything, to attain something?

I think ninety percent of the people in the world has values. Some of our values, differs greatly. What is invaluable to me, might be of little or no value to you. And on the other hand, a lot of us has the same values. Personal values, moral values, and religious values, to name a few. Most of us has those in common. How we go about practicing some of them, is another thing all onto itself. 

Some of the values that we hold near and dear to our hearts, came from our parents, our neighborhood, and from the culture in witch we was raised as kids. I developed a strong appreciation for family values, from my family, my good friends, and my neighbors.

What is your core beliefs? Most of us has heard this term before. "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything" If you don't know  what your values are, find out what your true values in life are! When you do, practice it or them!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How Can You Achieve, When You Don't Believe?

The day you stop believing, is the day you stop achieving.
How can you achieve, when you stop believing?
There is nothing to achieve, when you stop believing.
Good things in life, they don't come easy.
Anything that comes too easily, disappears very quickly.

Your dreams are closer than you think, keep on reaching.
It's up to you, to make your dreams come true.
Reach for the stars, you might catch the moon.
One thing for sure, you don't know how soon.

Reach for your dreams, and make them come alive.
One day surely, your dream, you will realized.
Have courage, stick to your convictions.
Follow through with all your plans.

There is a reason why we dream, you better believe it.
How will you know, if you don't pursue it.
How do you know where your dreams are coming from?
You never know, it might be divine intervention!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The World is Evolving..A New Day..A New Way..

The World is evolving. We have to get involve with the changes that is taking place in the World. In a World that is changing everyday, no one should get left behind. Everyday is a new day, this is sign of the times, these are changing times, something new is always on the horizon. A new day, a new way.

Let's be a part of the changes. Cutting edge technology, needs new age mentality. Focus your mind, be a part of the changing times. Positive actions, needs positive reaction. What's your contribution, to the new age generation? Do you have something to say? Do you have a part to play? Yes, all of us has a part to play!

Because of one of the best inventions ever. (The Internet) We have global connections at our finger tips. GPS technology is everywhere. Can you imagine going back to the days without the Internet, and the cellphone?  My guess is, if we have to do without them, we probably could, but at this particular time, I can't envision a situation that would make me happy while living without the Internet or my cellphone.

We are living in fascinatingly interesting times. With all these new inventions, a few of them we probably could do without, I will talk about those another time. Most of these new inventions, make our lives much easier, and much better. I don't know about you guys, but I have to give thanks to the geniuses who invent these marvelous life enhancers! These captivatingly addictive inventions, is one addiction that I don't mind having.

Let's try our best to be a part of these positive changes that is taking place in the World. Let's find a way to make a contribution to the new age generation. Let's make sure we've a part to play, and something to say!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A POEM: The Power of Words..

WORDS are powerful with their meanings.
Choose your WORDS carefully.
Don't use WORDS to hurt someone's feelings.
Some WORDS can be used as an incendiary device.
Some WORDS can, and will inflame a situation, and make it much worse than it has to be.
Be-careful of the message you're sending, with the WORDS that you're using.
Don't use WORDS to incite, invoke, and provoke.
Don't use WORDS to invoke the power in someone, to go out and do something wrong.
Use WORDS that will inspire, comfort, and encourage someone to do positive things.
WORDS are powerful with their meanings.
Be-careful of the message you're sending!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today is a Great Day..Why?

It's a beautiful, wonderful morning, today will be a great day. Why will today be a great day? You might ask. Because I'm alive, and kicking. I have to give God thanks and praise, for keeping me alive today.

 I'm happy, and glad to be alive, so that I can be with, and provide for my family. I'm glad to be alive to see the sun rise, once again. We should all give God thanks and praise, for keeping us alive today! Let's count our blessings, and give thanks for what we have! We should all give God thanks and praise, for our daily bread.

Mentally, and Physically! Today will be a great day. I'm alive, happy, healthy, and strong! My family is doing great. What more can I ask for. God will help me along the way.

It's a beautiful, wonderful morning! Today will be a great day, because I'm alive, and kicking! I have to give God thanks and praise, for keeping me alive today!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The World; Is Loaded With Marvel, and Splendor..

This wonderfully created World, is loaded with marvel, and splendor. GOD made this World for all of us. GOD made this World big enough. This World is big enough, big enough for all of us!

For the life of me, I can't understand why there is so much fussing and fighting going on in the World. Fussing and fighting gets in the way of getting things done. We have to find a better way to solve our philosophical differences, without fussing and fighting. Fussing and fighting is not solving our problems. We need a better economic plan, a plan that will benefit everyone, so that everyone can enjoy this land, this land we called the World.

Boys and Girls, this is your World. Don't let anyone stop you from playing.
Everyday is a day for you to play, don't let anything get in your way.
Rain, snow or bright sunshine, you will be fine!
Today is a day for you to play, so go-ahead and play today. 
Winter. spring, summer or fall, you can have it all.
Pick yourself up, if you happen to fall.
Adversity builds character, adversity also reveals character.
Pay attention to adverse situation. There is a lot to be learned, from a adverse situations!

GOD created this World for all of us. GOD made this World big enough, big enough for all of us! Let's live and enjoy the World together as one! Let's enjoy this land, this land we called the World. This land is filled with Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Animals, Birds, and vegetation. Everything in this World is a part of God's master plan! I for one, thinks that GOD wants us to live together as one. But a lot of us doesn't understand, this part of God's master plan.

Let's live and enjoy the World, enjoy the World together as one. Let's live and enjoy this land, this land we called the World! Glory be to the Almighty God, for creating such a marvelous World! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Looking at My Kids Playing, Laughing, and Having Fun..

Back when I was growing up as a child. Way back when I might add. There wasn't any video cameras, DVD Recorder or cellphone with video and picture camera at our home. I recently decided to asked my mother, what was I like as a child? She told me to go and watch everything my kids do, and I will see myself in my kids, and what I was like as a child.

Looking at my kids playing, laughing, and having fun. They're showing me the way I used to be. They're also telling me in my own way, about the joy I gave to my mother as a child. And the great probability of me putting a sparkle or two in her eyes, with a big broad smile on her face. It gives me great fulfilling pleasure at this late stages in my-life, now that I know how much happiness and joy I gave my mother when I was a child.

Looking at my kids playing, laughing and having fun. It made me laugh out loud, because they're bringing me positive MEMORIES! MEMORIES of who I used to be as a child. It makes me very happy to see myself in my kids, and what I was like as a child.

Teach you kids right from wrong! Let them grow up and be strong! Teach your kids to tell the truth, the truth hurts, but lying is worse! There is nothing wrong with telling the truth!
Kids are IMPRESSIONABLELY PRECIOUS! Kids aren't a blessing in disguise! They should be number one in our eyes! Whether it is your kids or someone else child, they should be number one in your eyes!

Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Just Saying...Be-careful..


When Opportunity Knocks..What will you do?

With opportunity comes risk. If the opportunity presents itself for you to take a chance on doing something you've been dreaming about doing. Something that you know will enhance your life. Without risking everything you've, or putting your life in jeopardy, you should take the chance.

No guts, no glory! No risk, no reward! If you don't take a chance, and go after something that you want to accomplish in life, whenever the opportunity presents itself to you. Ask yourself this question. How am I going to achieve or attain it, if I don't take a chance?

 We should always be ready to take advantage of the opportunity, whenever the opportunity presents itself to us. I for one thinks that there is a reason why opportunity presents itself to us. My belief is this; It's time for me to take a chance whenever the opportunity presents itself. Why would opportunity come knocking, if it didn't want me to take a chance?

Whenever opportunity knocks, open up and let her in. There is a reason why opportunity is visiting you. It's your chance to take advantage of the opportunity. Ever heard of the saying, "make hay while the sun shines" or "opportunity only comes once in a lifetime" Whenever opportunity knocks, make sure you take advantage of her, without risking everything, or jeopardizing your life!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Courage; All of us Have it, But some of us Don't Use It.

I think that all human beings has courage. But I think that it takes a very courageous person to show courage. Courage is standing up for something that you believe in strongly, even when you've to stand alone. Courage is doing something to help others, even when you know for a fact, that helping them could be detrimental to you.

Confronting and doing what has to be done, without worrying about how it will affect you.
Opine strongly, because your convictions is telling you that, it's the right thing to do.
Understanding the need and wants of others, when you're in need and wants for yourself.
Relentless in the pursuit of doing good, instead of evil.
Avoid doing what is wrong at all times, and make sure that you do only what is right.
Expecting yourself to do your best to help others, while expecting nothing in return for your help.

COURAGE; is seeing a car on fire with someone trapped inside. And you do your best to get them out before it explode, without worrying about the car exploding and blowing you into bits and pieces..All human beings have courage. Be courageous, but use courage wisely!

Gratitude is not courage, but it's good to show gratitude whenever someone is courageous! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Poem For Mothers..Happy mother's Day!

As a man
I'm assuming
That for a woman
There is nothing more GLORIOUS for a woman
Than being a mother

My mother once told me
That being a mother
Is a very hard job
And that it's much harder
When you're trying your best, to be a good mother
Being a good mother, she says
Her work is never done
But, it's also a lot of fun

Get the unadulterated fulfilling pleasure
From loving, caring, and nurturing their children or child

A mother's love
Is unlike any love you could ever imagine
A mother's love
Is the kind of love
Only a mother can give
A mother's love
Cannot be matched, measured or quantified
Mothers are invaluable!

To all the wonderfully great
Loving, caring, and nurturing mothers
Today "Mother's day" I say to all of you
Have yourselves
A fun day, filled with love and happiness
Have yourselves
A Wonderfully Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

SUCCESS: You Will Succeed, If You Want To..

Becoming successful in life isn't easy, but it's up to each individual to succeed, if they want to!
How do you spell success?

See what I want to accomplish, and make sure that I do what it takes to get the job done!
Understand myself, and the things that I am trying to accomplish!
Cool, calm and selective, be patient, I've the ability to get the job done!
Courageously, I've the mental and physical capabilities to accomplish what I want!
Effort and diligence will be required to accomplish my GOAL!
Strive for excellence on the road to my accomplishment!
Staying power will be needed in order for me to accomplish my GOAL...and show the world how talented I am!

If we don't find a way to overcome the challenges we face while pursuing our dreams and goals, we won't be successful. And we don't deserve to be. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people, is. Successful people always find a way, and they don't give up on something that they strongly believe in! The WORLD is yours. Go out there and conquer it. Be successful in life!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life is What We Make it..

Life is what we make: We've to live our life to the fullest each day. Live in the present. Live each day like it's your last day on EARTH. Today, you can't sit around and wait for tomorrow, tomorrow is not promise to anyone. Why wait for tomorrow, when you've today? Everyday is precious, and we should treat it like it is!

I know there will be days when we feel like everything is going wrong. But it doesn't mean we've to give up on the day. It is up to us to turn a bad day in a good day, by doing what we've to do to make it better. A day that goes by without we making it a good day. Is a day lost, gone with the wind, a day we can't get back.

Remember, time flies when you're having fun, so why don't you make everyday a fun day before the day is done? It doesn't have to be anything extraordinary. If you're at work, why don't you call a love one, or a family member and tell them how much you love them.You will be very surprised how much better you feel after you do that. Maybe you can ask a co-worker to go outside and have lunch with you in the park, if it's warm enough for you to do so. If you're having a bad day. They're many little simple things you can do to make your day better. Think about the little things that make you happy, and do it!

Life is what we make. It's up to us to shape. We can't fake it. Make everyday a productive, fun filled enjoyable day. Don't wait for tomorrow, tomorrow may never come. Do it today, have fun before the day is done!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Make Sure You Have WISDOM!..


With humility comes WISDOM!
WISDOM is supreme; therefore get WISDOM!
WISDOM dwells together with prudence!
WISDOM and understanding is the tree of life to those who embraced her!
A fool finds pleasure in EVIL conduct, but a man of understanding, delights in WISDOM!
Let the WISE listen and add to their learning, and let the DISCERNING get guidance!

WISDOM will save us from the ways of wicked people.
WISDOM will save us from people whose are perverse.
WISDOM will save us from people who leave the straight and narrow to walk in the dark ways.
WISDOM will save us from people who delights in doing wrong and rejoice in the perverseness of EVIL!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Is Going On In Here?

What Is Going On In Here?
by Leah Oviedo

Need a little inspiration? Are you searching for answers?  Look inside yourself already! Embrace your true self and learn about who YOU are. There you will find inspiration and answers to those burning questions.

Psychologists have a term called 'ego development' which explains that we mature and evolve over our lifespan as we become more self aware. I take this to mean that if we can accept ourselves than we can grow and be our own guide. This is in place of needing someone or something else to lead the way and tell us what is right. So go ahead and ask yourself who you are and what you want.  Don't focus on what society or your family or friends expect. Focus on what feels right for YOU. 

Self awareness means searching for insight about what your real essence is. Accept who you are, accept your differences as is. You are not wrong for being different, you just are. What do you love about yourself?  What have you accomplished so far? What have you risked? Even the smallest steps can be difficult, so don't push those aside as not important. Look at how you have changed and matured and be proud. En route to self awareness you might need some help so read books, listen to other people, ask questions and be open to learning something new. I can say that from personal experience these are great actions to take. 

Over the past year I have forced myself to look at my actions and my thoughts to see who I am. I have found that what I used to think was wrong is actually just different. My personal beliefs, my passions, my goals and the process I am taking to get what I want is right for me. I see life very differently and I feel emotions differently than what I see in the masses. I no longer feel there is a right or wrong, because as I accept my own differences I can accept that other people also see life differently. This is based on who they are and what they have experienced. I am simply going to live my life in a way that feels right to me. Like the saying goes, "You do your thing and I will do mine."

Once you realize that nobody else can love you as much as you love yourself you will not need outside approval to be different. It takes commitment and bravery to go against the expectations of others, but I believe we are all capable to think for ourselves. Follow your intuition and really live in a way that you feel is right. It will be much easier to get past obstacles when we know our own strength. 

 Leah Oviedo is an author, illustrator and optimistic person. If you enjoyed this post, follow her

Monday, March 26, 2012

This is a Follow-up to The Original Article, (Fitness and Health)...

Approximately six months ago I made some positive changes in my life. These changes was recommended to me by a nutritionist. I know six months isn't really a long, long period of time, but I would like to let you know how I'm doing, and what I've been doing.

At this stage in my life. After six months of practicing the recommendations of my family friend the nutritionist, I am in a great place.I didn't think that I would be in this place, at this point and time, six months ago. Right now I'm the best mental and physical shape of my life! I am attributing my high self-esteem, my mental and physical health, to my unwavering dedication to my fitness routine, my good eating habits, and my steadfast practice of getting a good night's rest, every night!

I exercise five days a week. My exercise routine is dominated by weight training. One day I will exercise with weights only. The next day I will go bike riding or I will go jogging. I practice eating right everyday, by making sure that I'm getting proper nutrition.

This is what my exercise routine is like:
On Mondays I do weight training for approximately two, and one half hours.
On Tuesdays I ride my bike for approximately one, and one half hour.
On Wednesdays I do weight training for approximately two, and one half hours.
Thursdays is my jogging day. I will jog for approximately one hour. Sometimes I'll put in a little more time.
Fridays, It's back to working-out with weights for approximately two, and one half hours.

In regards to my eating habits;  I try my best at all times to make sure that some of the foods that I eat is loaded with carbohydrates. I don't eat any meat. Eating a lot of fish is a big part of my diet. I juice all the vegetables and most of the fruits that I consume. Raw vegetables are very potent. If you're having any problems sleeping, don't juice your vegetables, it will only make your sleeping problems a lot worse! I drink a lot of protein shakes and I also drink a lot of water.

Those are the things that I've been doing for the last six months. And it has gotten me into the best shape of my life! Exercising regularly, and eating right is very addictive. I don't know if anything that's addictive, is a good thing to do. But I love doing it! And I'll recommend exercising regularly, eating right, (proper nutrition) and getting a good night't rest to everyone!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Doing Things That Will Make us Happy..






Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Impressively Gifted You Are..

Very reserved
And soft spoken you are
Many are surprised
That you are outspoken

You are impressively gifted
With your artistic abilities
Oh! How I wondered
Is this something
That runs in your family

Very exciting
And head strong you are
Still yet! Many people doesn't know
That you're wonderfully talented

Intellectually unlimited
You're so Intelligently gifted
No one could ever say
That you're shallow minded

The sharpness of your mind
Makes you one of a kind
Because of your Intelligence
You are a rare find
Such a rare find you are
Some people might say
That you're divine!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"IN PEACE" Your Conscience Won't Let You Hide..



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Procrastination Is Not Your Friend..


Time will never run out, but yo will run out of time.
When you've the chance to do something,  
it's better for you to go ahead and do it right then.
Time is longer than rope, but your time isn't as long.
Don't let PROCRASTINATION help you, to prolong your plans.
Forget about PROCRASTINATION! And get your plans moving forward.
PROCRASTINATION isn't your friend!
PROCRASTINATION is your enemy!

Don't let PROCRASTINATION get in your way and slow you down.
There are twenty four hours in a day,
 but PROCRASTINATION will make you feel like, you need more than twenty four hours to complete your day.
Why are you PROCRASTINATING, when you've something to do?
PROCRASTINATION will make for you a miserable day, a miserable night, and a miserable life.
PROCRASTINATION can, and will mess up your life.
PROCRASTINATION isn't your friend!
PROCRASTINATION is your enemy!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Contradiction, Contradiction..

Contradiction, Contradiction:
You can't keep on doing things that will cause a commotion,
or create for yourself a lot of friction, that will cause you self confusion.

When we sow bad seed there will be nothing to harvest.
When we sow good seed everything is going to flourish.
You can't do bad things and expect good things to happen for you.
You've to do good things in order for good things to happen.

You can't be wrong and expect someone to tell you that you're right.
In order for you to be right, you've to be right.
You can't tell a lie and then say you told the truth.
No! You've just told another lie.
You can't keep on lying and then say you've integrity.

You can't knowingly steal something and then say you're not a thief.
You can't be a thief and then say you're practicing honesty.
You can't knowingly be a thief and then proclaim to the World, that you're innocent.
No! You can't and you should not!

Unless you're going insane and don't have the mental capacity to understand what you're doing.
You should always try to do the right thing!
Doing anything that is wrong, is a bad foundation for you to live your life on!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Hundred and Five..

One Hundred and Five

by Impower You by Leah Oviedo.
Thank you so very much to everyone who has contributed to my publishing campaign for 'I Am More Than Just a Girl'.
So far we are off to a great start. We now have $105.00 in the pot. I feel very optimistic to have reached this goal. It may not seem like much, but in my past fundraising experience people are more likely to donate when they see real progress.
Don't forget to check out my list of ways you help us reach our goal on my blog here:
Only have $1 to spare? You can download a digital print of my art here:
If you want to empower young women, pass this blog post on!  I need the power of YOU and YOUR FRIENDS to find the right people who can donate money towards publishing.
:) Download this photo to use in your own blog post about this campaign.
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Don't Get Caught by "WHAT-IF"...

"What" and "if" are two of the most used words in the lexicon. But when we put "what" and "if" together, it becomes the adjective "WHAT-IF" which is also a supposition describing an hypothetical scenario.

 But if you're someone who takes life, and everyone around you for granted, the adjective "WHAT-IF" can and will influence you to make a bad decision, that will probably come back to haunt you at some point and time in your life. If you're anything like me, in the sense of the way I live my life. You'll make sure the adjective "WHAT-IT" don't come back to haunt you in the future. You'll make sure you don't get caught by

As we continue to live our lives, evolve and explore on a daily basis. It's up to us as individuals to make sure there never comes a time when we've to use the adjective "WHAT-IT" in a regrettable manner. The adjective "WHAT-IF" is a supposition that may never happen.

Don't make a final decision base on something that might never happen. Take "WHAT-IF" into consideration when you're making a decision, but don't let it drives your decision making. "WHAT-IF" can be hindering, or be very compelling. Either way I think it can and will impact your decision making negatively.  "WHAT-IF" this and that, or such and such happen, or don't happen. To me making a decision base on "WHAT-IF" is like telling someone that you don't know how to make a decision. Prepare for the worse. Always expect the best. Don't get caught by "WHAT-IT." 

Friday, February 24, 2012






Monday, February 20, 2012

Doing What Is Right..

At all times we should choose the right way and forget about the wrong way.
Choose only to do what is right, and forget about doing what is wrong.
Right is always right, and wrong is always wrong!
You can only be right, when you're right!
Whenever you're wrong, you're wrong!
And more than likely, when we're wrong, there will be consequences that follows.
Consequences that we won't like.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

BOUNDARIES: Why I Think we need to have them..

There was a study that said: More marriages fail because of poor boundaries, more than any other reason. I know that's hard for some of us to believe, but who knows, that's what the study said, and I'm starting to think that it might be true.

When two people get married and become one, on the biggest day of their lives, their wedding day, they don't lose their individual identity. Each individual is taking on new responsibilities, and is participating in a relationship, but they still have their own individual identity.

This is why I think boundaries can be a good thing. Boundaries comes in many forms. And we should have them. Not necessarily to limit ourselves, but to protect our personhood. Boundaries helps us to GUARD our HEART with DILIGENCE. We need to keep things that will nurture us, inside our mental state of mind, and the things that will harm us outside.

I think where boundaries can become confusing and problematic in a relationship, is in the element of personhood.  The problem arises when one trespasses on the other spouse's personhood. When one crosses the line and try to control the feelings, the behavior, the attitude, the values and choices of their significant other. In my opinion, those are things only each individual can and should control. For a spouse to try and control those things, it violates the other spouse's boundaries and ultimately it becomes a major problem in their relationship. Our relationship with our spouse, or any other successful relationship is base on trust, and on freedom, to some extent. Feelings is one of the most important elements that promotes intimacy in a relationship. Each individual has to control their own feelings.

You can create good protective boundaries with your words. The basic boundary word is NO! When used directly it will let others know that you exist apart from them, and that you're in control of yourself. If you believe in GOD you've a spiritual boundary. Spiritual boundaries are just as real, but harder to see. Your personal boundary is your personhood. Your skin, and my skin, is the physical boundary of our body. Don't let anyone or anything breaks it! Don't accept mental or verbal abuse! Don't let anyone trespass on the BOUNDARIES of your personhood. Protect yourself at all times!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daily Meditation:

"Always help him and her, he and she, but never forget about ME!"
Always focus on the things that brings ME, joy and happiness.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Can we Learn anything from a Road Block?

In our day to day adventure of pursuing our dreams with passion and vigor. There are many times when we come face to face with a road block. A road block isn't necessarily something bad. Sometimes a road block should be seen as a good thing. There are times when a road block is telling us that there is an easier way to do what we're trying to do. At times if it wasn't for a road block we wouldn't change direction or take another route to get to the place in life that we want to reach.

Whenever a road block pops up in your life unexpectedly. Instead of upsetting yourself, take a deep breath and ask yourself. What is my next best option? Maybe your next best option was your best option in the first place, but you didn't take a close enough look at it. A road block can be seen as a curve ball thrown your way by the forces of nature, in her own unusual way, in order to get your attention and force you to take a look at another option. An option that is probably best for you.

In your daily vigorous pursuit for what life has to offer. No matter how large a road block you may encounter on your pursuit. If you can't clear it out of your way. Don't sit around and wait for it to clear. Try your best to find out if it is trying to tell you something and what is it trying to tell you. The forces of nature might be trying to tell you that there's a better and easier way for you to get the job done.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Taking Advantage..

Instead of taking ADVANTAGE of people's weaknesses.
Why don't we point out to them, what their weaknesses are?
In pointing out to them what their weaknesses are.
 Maybe it will help them to overcome their weaknesses.
Taking ADVANTAGE of other human-beings, doesn't 
make you a good person!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Health and Happiness goes Hand in Hand...

Happiness is the key to life! Good Health is big part of the foundation of happiness. But that doesn't necessarily  mean because you're healthy you're happy. Many of us is as healthy as we can possibly be, but we're not as happy as a lark. Although many of us is as healthy as possible, we are not as happy as we should, because we're always chasing after the things that drives us crazy and contributes to our unhappiness. We can't be doing the things that drives us crazy and expect to be happy. Instead of chasing, and doing things that is going to make us unhappy. We should be much more appreciative of the things that we've in our life that makes us happy.

Initially, some of the things that you've done, that contributed to your unhappiness, you probably thought at that time it would be good for you. But after you saw how disruptive those thing were, you should have quickly stop doing them and try your best to do something positive. Finding ways to do positive things in your life will improve your health and state of happiness. And also fill your life with enrichment.

If the things you're doing in your life is making you happy, there's no need for you to abandon them. But that don't mean you can't incorporate other positive things into your life style that will enhance the things you're already doing, which will make you even much more happier than you already are.

Eating right and exercising regularly is two of the most positive aspects of self preservation you could ever practice!  Practicing those two things will help you with you mental and physical health, which inturn will help you with your state of happiness. Happiness is a positive emotion that will help you with your mental and physical health. So! From my perspective, HEALTH and HAPPINESS goes hand in hand. HAPPINESS improves you HEALTH. Your HEALTH embellishes your state of HAPPINESS. Happiness comes from within! Your health and happiness begins with you! No one can make you happy, but you! No matter how hard someone else try to make you happy. If you're not happy with yourself, It's more than likely they won't be able to make you happy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back to Back Big Wins For Mr. Romney..

Because of his stunning decisive victory in the Florida Republican Primary, and his big win in the Nevada Caucuses. The Republican Presidential Nomination is Mr. Romney's to lose. Unless something unthinkable happens, Mr. Romney is going to win the Republican Presidential Primary. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but death and taxes.And as Topsy-Turvy  as this Republican Presidential Primary is, we should never say never. But I can't fathom any scenario in which I can see him loosing.

Although a lot of Mr. Romney's political base isn't one hundred percent in love with him, the majority of them sees him as the candidate  with the best chance to defeat President Obama in the General Election. Can Mr. Romney beat President Obama? At this time it's too early to tell.

Mr. Romney and his political team obviously went back to the drawing board. They hammered Mr. Gingrich in the Florida with hard hitting negative advertisement like their lives depended on it. Mr. Gingrich was very badly wounded and politically damaged by Mr. Romney and his team. Mr. Gingrich is so badly damaged, I don't think he will be able to recover from his political wounds within seven months, the remaining time left in the Republican Presidential Primary. Mr. Gingrich was battered and his ego was very badly bruised!

While he was campaigning in Florida Mr. Romney showed us that he knows how to fight. And Mr. Gingrich showed us that he can dish it out, but he can't take a political punch. Mr. Gingrich went from a triumphant character in South Carolina, to a cry baby in Florida. As a matter of fact. Mr. Gingrich was so bitter after he lost in Florida, he didn't bother to call Mr. Romney and give him the courtesy congratulation that most politicians give to the winning opponent after they loss. It now seems as if Mr. Gingrich is going to do any and everything possible, to make Mr. Romney's political life as miserable as possible for the next seven months. It should be a lot of fun to watch.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Most Inspiring Young Woman of 2012!

The Most Inspiring Young Woman of 2012!

by Impower You By Leah Oviedo.
I met Jaz Gray online when she was hosting a pajama drive for children with long stays in the hospital and also children at homeless shelters. At the time she was still in High School. What I didn't know about Jaz at first is that she has AVM, Arteriovenous Malformation.  Now she has graduated from college and is making a documentary about AVM. One that will have you cheering and crying at the same time.
More Than Skin Deep documents the lives and the research being done about AVM. This life threatening birth defect affects hundreds of thousand of people around the world. It causes health problems ranging from disfigurement to death. Jaz herself has undergone 32 surgeries to stay alive. She is not afraid to share her story and show her face to millions of people. Just the opposite, she has a strength that is most often only seen in people who have suffered the most. Aside from the dangers of AVM, there is also the obvious differences that you see when you first meet Jaz. Her face doesn't look like you'd expect from a vibrant, happy compassionate young woman. In a society that is so obsessed with outer beauty it can be terribly hard to look different. Despite the unacceptable judgments from others Jaz is determined to live her life with pride, beauty and compassion.
As a recent college graduate, she cannot afford to produce this documentary alone so she and her wonderful team are raising funds on Indie Go Go, a social fundraising website.   Every "donation" is accompanied with a prize. There are two easy ways you can help, give a donation and spread the word.
Visit the Indie Go Go Campaign Page and use the share buttons to help her story travel to all the right people. Send an email and introduce this amazing person to your family and friends. Or if possible consider donating $ to her campaign. There are amazing incentives like autographed posters, film credits and ebooks.
I personally funded $5 for her campaign because I know nothing will stop Jaz from following through on her dreams.   Please share this post on every social site you belong to.
Jaz is also a part of our 500 Blog-Raiser Challenge.  Check out her post here:
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