Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Almighty God is Flawless..

The Almighty God is flawless. Flawless is the deeds of the Almighty God!
The words of God, is better than silver. Better than silver that has been 
refined in the furnace of clay, and purified seven times over.

Keep God words in your heart. Keep God in your thoughts, it shouldn't
hurt to do so. Try your best to live up-full and right. Be a delight in the sight
of God, it shouldn't hurt to do so.

Be careful of the things that you're doing. Because, in the end, what you give, 
is what you get. 'You will reap what you sow'  Don't be marred by ignominy! 
In your time of troubles; hold your head high, have faith in God, take refuge
in God, and he will keep you safe.

The Almighty God is flawless, flawless is the Almighty God.
God is perfect in every way!

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