Tuesday, June 7, 2011


    After lying for the past week about indecent photographs that was sent from his twitter account. Congressman Anthony Weiner came clean and apologized yesterday June 6, 2011, for blatantly lying to the public about the lewd photographs he sent from his twitter account. Wouldn't it have been much easier for Congressman Weiner to come clean the first time he talked to the media? For blatantly lying to the public for more than a week, Mr. Weiner stands a decent chance of ruining his political career because of his inability to tell the truth.

    Mr. Weiner is a Democratic Congressman from the state of New York, his congressional District is in the borough of Brooklyn. Having said that. Where he is from does not  actually matters. Most Americans do not have the tolerance for politicians who continues to lie to them without remorse. Americans are asking these questions. What is happening to our politicians? Why are they putting themselves into a compromising position and expect Americans to accept their inappropriate behavior? Not this time Mr. Weiner, Americans are not going to let you get away with your inappropriate behavior. Mr. Weiner: For all intents and purposes your political career is over!