Sunday, September 23, 2012

This is Absolutely Mind Boggling..

Crazy things happening all around me. Everyone is doing things, that they know they shouldn't be doing. After doing all those crazy things around me, they turned and look at me like I'm the one who is crazy. I don't know if anything like this as ever happen to you, but whenever it happen to me, it drives me nuts!

Crazy things happening around me.
I am trying my best to be quiet in the state of loudness.
People who are sane, is acting like they're insane.
They are looking for the sweet escape, but they can't find it.
They are looking at the exit, but they don't see it.
They are looking for something, that is in their hand, but they can't find it.

Some of them laugh out loudly.
Eventually I would find out, that they were crying inside, while laughing out loudly.
They chose to cry inside, trying their best to hide whatever it was, that were making them cry inside, when they would've been better of showing it.

They saw the fire, and jump into it. When they got burned, they acted like they were surprised.
They're trying their best to thread rope, through the eye of a needle.
I need someone to help me understand, the crazy thoughts of these people!

Crazy things happening all around me, all I had to do was look very closely, to see some of the crazy things that was happening around me. Stop the madness! Where is the sanity? I don't want any part of this, CRAZINESS!

The Almighty God is Flawless..

The Almighty God is flawless. Flawless is the deeds of the Almighty God!
The words of God, is better than silver. Better than silver that has been 
refined in the furnace of clay, and purified seven times over.

Keep God words in your heart. Keep God in your thoughts, it shouldn't
hurt to do so. Try your best to live up-full and right. Be a delight in the sight
of God, it shouldn't hurt to do so.

Be careful of the things that you're doing. Because, in the end, what you give, 
is what you get. 'You will reap what you sow'  Don't be marred by ignominy! 
In your time of troubles; hold your head high, have faith in God, take refuge
in God, and he will keep you safe.

The Almighty God is flawless, flawless is the Almighty God.
God is perfect in every way!

Confidence: We must have self-confidence..

Self-confidence is something that I think all human beings  should have. And we should find a way to let everyone knows that we're very confident in ourselves! Self-confidence is when a person believes in them-self, believe in their ability to get the gob done, whatever the gob is. If we don't believe in ourselves, no one will believe in us. Because they will see and recognized that we don't believe in ourselves, so why should they..

I for one thinks that every human being on the face of the earth is very good at something. But I think there is also a problem when it comes to recognizing what we're good at doing, because we let self doubt creeps into our minds. If you should find yourself doubting your ability, talk it over with a family member, and a very good friend. Discuss your situation with people who you know will encourage you to be confident in yourself.

When you're confident in yourself, and your abilities. It makes you feel like you can take on the world, conquer, and overcome any challenge that you might face in your lifetime. If you think that you're good at something, you shouldn't just sit there and think that it will materialized itself. You've to work very hard at it. I strongly believe that those who improve themselves, and make their lives much better. Are people who embraces their abilities, has high self-esteem, and is very confident in themselves. Be confident in yourself and your God given ability!