Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beauty is in The Eyes of The Beholder..

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
And right now I'm beholding you
Beholding you I am
Because you make me feel special
Knowing that I am your only man

Many will look at you
But they won't see what I see
what I see in you
I have seen it only 
Because I have gotten the chance to know you

Your inner beauty, is a hidden gem
A beautiful gem, you've hidden within
Within you, your beauty lies
Your beauty is something
That cannot be seen
By the naked eyes

Your beauty will be seen and known
Only, by so many
Because only so many
Has gotten the wonderful opportunity 
Of getting to know you! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

What is Your Values..Do You Have Any?

For some of us, not most, I would say the minority. When we think of values, we are thinking of monetary worth. As far as I am concerned, values for me is my family. There is not enough money in the world to replace my family. Good genuine friends is invaluable to me, because money can't buy good genuine friends. I just named a two of the things that I valued the most.

What are your you have any? To better understand the true meaning of life, you have to understand the true values of life. Ask yourself these questions. What is my values? Do I have any values? Is there anything in life that I think is worth dying for? Am I willing to do anything and everything, to attain something?

I think ninety percent of the people in the world has values. Some of our values, differs greatly. What is invaluable to me, might be of little or no value to you. And on the other hand, a lot of us has the same values. Personal values, moral values, and religious values, to name a few. Most of us has those in common. How we go about practicing some of them, is another thing all onto itself. 

Some of the values that we hold near and dear to our hearts, came from our parents, our neighborhood, and from the culture in witch we was raised as kids. I developed a strong appreciation for family values, from my family, my good friends, and my neighbors.

What is your core beliefs? Most of us has heard this term before. "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything" If you don't know  what your values are, find out what your true values in life are! When you do, practice it or them!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How Can You Achieve, When You Don't Believe?

The day you stop believing, is the day you stop achieving.
How can you achieve, when you stop believing?
There is nothing to achieve, when you stop believing.
Good things in life, they don't come easy.
Anything that comes too easily, disappears very quickly.

Your dreams are closer than you think, keep on reaching.
It's up to you, to make your dreams come true.
Reach for the stars, you might catch the moon.
One thing for sure, you don't know how soon.

Reach for your dreams, and make them come alive.
One day surely, your dream, you will realized.
Have courage, stick to your convictions.
Follow through with all your plans.

There is a reason why we dream, you better believe it.
How will you know, if you don't pursue it.
How do you know where your dreams are coming from?
You never know, it might be divine intervention!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The World is Evolving..A New Day..A New Way..

The World is evolving. We have to get involve with the changes that is taking place in the World. In a World that is changing everyday, no one should get left behind. Everyday is a new day, this is sign of the times, these are changing times, something new is always on the horizon. A new day, a new way.

Let's be a part of the changes. Cutting edge technology, needs new age mentality. Focus your mind, be a part of the changing times. Positive actions, needs positive reaction. What's your contribution, to the new age generation? Do you have something to say? Do you have a part to play? Yes, all of us has a part to play!

Because of one of the best inventions ever. (The Internet) We have global connections at our finger tips. GPS technology is everywhere. Can you imagine going back to the days without the Internet, and the cellphone?  My guess is, if we have to do without them, we probably could, but at this particular time, I can't envision a situation that would make me happy while living without the Internet or my cellphone.

We are living in fascinatingly interesting times. With all these new inventions, a few of them we probably could do without, I will talk about those another time. Most of these new inventions, make our lives much easier, and much better. I don't know about you guys, but I have to give thanks to the geniuses who invent these marvelous life enhancers! These captivatingly addictive inventions, is one addiction that I don't mind having.

Let's try our best to be a part of these positive changes that is taking place in the World. Let's find a way to make a contribution to the new age generation. Let's make sure we've a part to play, and something to say!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A POEM: The Power of Words..

WORDS are powerful with their meanings.
Choose your WORDS carefully.
Don't use WORDS to hurt someone's feelings.
Some WORDS can be used as an incendiary device.
Some WORDS can, and will inflame a situation, and make it much worse than it has to be.
Be-careful of the message you're sending, with the WORDS that you're using.
Don't use WORDS to incite, invoke, and provoke.
Don't use WORDS to invoke the power in someone, to go out and do something wrong.
Use WORDS that will inspire, comfort, and encourage someone to do positive things.
WORDS are powerful with their meanings.
Be-careful of the message you're sending!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today is a Great Day..Why?

It's a beautiful, wonderful morning, today will be a great day. Why will today be a great day? You might ask. Because I'm alive, and kicking. I have to give God thanks and praise, for keeping me alive today.

 I'm happy, and glad to be alive, so that I can be with, and provide for my family. I'm glad to be alive to see the sun rise, once again. We should all give God thanks and praise, for keeping us alive today! Let's count our blessings, and give thanks for what we have! We should all give God thanks and praise, for our daily bread.

Mentally, and Physically! Today will be a great day. I'm alive, happy, healthy, and strong! My family is doing great. What more can I ask for. God will help me along the way.

It's a beautiful, wonderful morning! Today will be a great day, because I'm alive, and kicking! I have to give God thanks and praise, for keeping me alive today!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The World; Is Loaded With Marvel, and Splendor..

This wonderfully created World, is loaded with marvel, and splendor. GOD made this World for all of us. GOD made this World big enough. This World is big enough, big enough for all of us!

For the life of me, I can't understand why there is so much fussing and fighting going on in the World. Fussing and fighting gets in the way of getting things done. We have to find a better way to solve our philosophical differences, without fussing and fighting. Fussing and fighting is not solving our problems. We need a better economic plan, a plan that will benefit everyone, so that everyone can enjoy this land, this land we called the World.

Boys and Girls, this is your World. Don't let anyone stop you from playing.
Everyday is a day for you to play, don't let anything get in your way.
Rain, snow or bright sunshine, you will be fine!
Today is a day for you to play, so go-ahead and play today. 
Winter. spring, summer or fall, you can have it all.
Pick yourself up, if you happen to fall.
Adversity builds character, adversity also reveals character.
Pay attention to adverse situation. There is a lot to be learned, from a adverse situations!

GOD created this World for all of us. GOD made this World big enough, big enough for all of us! Let's live and enjoy the World together as one! Let's enjoy this land, this land we called the World. This land is filled with Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Animals, Birds, and vegetation. Everything in this World is a part of God's master plan! I for one, thinks that GOD wants us to live together as one. But a lot of us doesn't understand, this part of God's master plan.

Let's live and enjoy the World, enjoy the World together as one. Let's live and enjoy this land, this land we called the World! Glory be to the Almighty God, for creating such a marvelous World! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Looking at My Kids Playing, Laughing, and Having Fun..

Back when I was growing up as a child. Way back when I might add. There wasn't any video cameras, DVD Recorder or cellphone with video and picture camera at our home. I recently decided to asked my mother, what was I like as a child? She told me to go and watch everything my kids do, and I will see myself in my kids, and what I was like as a child.

Looking at my kids playing, laughing, and having fun. They're showing me the way I used to be. They're also telling me in my own way, about the joy I gave to my mother as a child. And the great probability of me putting a sparkle or two in her eyes, with a big broad smile on her face. It gives me great fulfilling pleasure at this late stages in my-life, now that I know how much happiness and joy I gave my mother when I was a child.

Looking at my kids playing, laughing and having fun. It made me laugh out loud, because they're bringing me positive MEMORIES! MEMORIES of who I used to be as a child. It makes me very happy to see myself in my kids, and what I was like as a child.

Teach you kids right from wrong! Let them grow up and be strong! Teach your kids to tell the truth, the truth hurts, but lying is worse! There is nothing wrong with telling the truth!
Kids are IMPRESSIONABLELY PRECIOUS! Kids aren't a blessing in disguise! They should be number one in our eyes! Whether it is your kids or someone else child, they should be number one in your eyes!