Saturday, June 2, 2012

Looking at My Kids Playing, Laughing, and Having Fun..

Back when I was growing up as a child. Way back when I might add. There wasn't any video cameras, DVD Recorder or cellphone with video and picture camera at our home. I recently decided to asked my mother, what was I like as a child? She told me to go and watch everything my kids do, and I will see myself in my kids, and what I was like as a child.

Looking at my kids playing, laughing, and having fun. They're showing me the way I used to be. They're also telling me in my own way, about the joy I gave to my mother as a child. And the great probability of me putting a sparkle or two in her eyes, with a big broad smile on her face. It gives me great fulfilling pleasure at this late stages in my-life, now that I know how much happiness and joy I gave my mother when I was a child.

Looking at my kids playing, laughing and having fun. It made me laugh out loud, because they're bringing me positive MEMORIES! MEMORIES of who I used to be as a child. It makes me very happy to see myself in my kids, and what I was like as a child.

Teach you kids right from wrong! Let them grow up and be strong! Teach your kids to tell the truth, the truth hurts, but lying is worse! There is nothing wrong with telling the truth!
Kids are IMPRESSIONABLELY PRECIOUS! Kids aren't a blessing in disguise! They should be number one in our eyes! Whether it is your kids or someone else child, they should be number one in your eyes!


  1. Just a reminder I needed. My son is at that stage where he tests my affection for him :) getting into things i don't particularly approve of. but I realize he has to go through it all to learn and grow. I reflect on his joy as a young child. And I do want to become more childlike... curious, full of wonder and mischief, carefree. Thank you!

  2. Thank you very much Jungron! I just look at my kids and remember what I used to do to my parents..pleasure, heartache and pain! As parents we've to help them find their way..hopefully they will figure it out before it's too late.

  3. as a child growing up, my mom and i were at loggerheads. her ideas of fun and mine were worlds apart. she bought me delicate, porcelain tea sets and dolls, tons of them. these ended up in unopened boxes because i found them, silly, to say the least. my idea of fun was climbing trees looking for spiders and beetles, flying kites, riding horse bareback, playing soccer, swimming, catching freshwater by your bare hands, setting traps for shrimps and crabs, jumping leap frogs, all she considered "unladylike" behaviors. my dad was the more liberal one. i did everything to circumvent her rules. i told myself when i have children of my own, i will not do anything to deprive them of their choices.i will not set them in a mold. i knew what all those meant. one has to be free to choose what makes her happy as long as that child does not go over the limits. i did just that. i was democratic with my own kids and they grew up well and happy.

  4. Clinging Ivy, you're awesome! I remember the good old days of flying kites myself...that was clean old fashion fun...I love the way you did it as a were very brave...back in those days they didn't let girls do many a days girls are doing anything and everything...thanks for your positive comment!!!

    1. many, many thanks for your kind words. back in the days, games and playthings were stereotyped and it was a big no no to go against the conventions. i needed to be my own person even at an early age. i would give everything to be free! no restrictions, no harsh rules and definitely no ramming down my throat preconceived notions i would find stifling and growth stunting. i was just being to myself. was it such a misbehavior?

  5. There was no misbehaving on your were just acting out the way you felt as a child, back then it took a lot of guts to do what you did...that is what made you into the strong woman, that you are today!!