Sunday, June 10, 2012

A POEM: The Power of Words..

WORDS are powerful with their meanings.
Choose your WORDS carefully.
Don't use WORDS to hurt someone's feelings.
Some WORDS can be used as an incendiary device.
Some WORDS can, and will inflame a situation, and make it much worse than it has to be.
Be-careful of the message you're sending, with the WORDS that you're using.
Don't use WORDS to incite, invoke, and provoke.
Don't use WORDS to invoke the power in someone, to go out and do something wrong.
Use WORDS that will inspire, comfort, and encourage someone to do positive things.
WORDS are powerful with their meanings.
Be-careful of the message you're sending!


  1. Michael Berich,thank you for visiting my blog, it's greatly appreciated!!

  2. Indeed, words can hurt or heal. a great reminder Lenworth. I shall be more aware of what I say today.

  3. Lahn, I don't know you personally, but something tells me that you are the kind of person, who is always aware of what you say!

  4. A good thing to read and keep in mind. I don't think anything gets so carelessly juggled around than words.
    Thank you Lenworth.

  5. Ormie, you comment is greatly appreciated..Thanks for visiting my blog!!