Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There is Nothing Like a Mother's Love!

Each and everyone of us has or had a MOTHER in our life at one point and time. It doesn't matter if you were given up for adoption by you maternal MOTHER at the time of your birth. At the time of our birth there was a MOTHER who nourished us, nurtured us, and give us unconditional love from the first moment we entered the World.

Some of us, who is without a doubt in the minority, takes their MOTHER'S love for granted. That is a big mistake! There is no love in the World like a MOTHER'S love. Always try your best to show your MOTHER how much you appreciates and cares for her, and for the love that she has shown you throughout your life-time.

Although sometimes our MOTHERS tends to overwhelm us with the out-flowing  love and affection that they have to give us. We who are adults should never reject their love or make them feel like their love is being rejected. MOTHERS get joy and happiness from giving their children unconditional love. There is nothing more precious to a MOTHER, than to watch their kids grow up and become responsible adults. But it's also not easy for some of them to give up parenting us. I know we would like to show our MOTHERS, that we're responsible, and we know how to make good decisions, and we know how to take care of ourselves. But we should do it in the most loving and respectful manner that we can.We should always make our MOTHERS feel loved and wanted. Don't forget that you're never too old to learn. Your MOTHER has been there, and done it before you. Who else is it better to learn from, more than your MOTHER?

No matter where you end up in life, or how successful you've become. You probably wouldn't have gotten there without your MOTHER nourishing you, nurturing you, and giving you unconditional love. MOTHERS should be held in high esteem until the day they dies and beyond! There is no love in the World like a MOTHER'S Love!


  1. it is the height of ingratitude for a child not to look up to the woman who brought forth into this world, spent her lifetime incalcating good sense of values through example, giving her better than best to breed and raise God loving and God fearing children. i became a widow at a relatively young age and single-handedly brought up and educated three children. i remarried because my kids were clamoring for a father. there is nothing a mom won't do for her kids. i'm so lucky, by God's grace, i achieved my greatest life goals and my kids' love, respect and affection towards me more than compensated the rocky, uphill, unpaved road. i salute all mothers! God's special angels tasked to look over their broods.

  2. Thank God for mothers like you. And thanks for your profound thoughts. May God bless you with love, peace, happiness and everlasting prosperity!