Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Iowa Caucuses..

    The winner of the Iowa caucuses is Mitt Romney. What does it meant to win the Iowa Caucus? For someone like Michele Bachmann, losing meant dropping out of the race. For the winner I'm not sure. But it make it much easier for Mr. Romney to move on to the next primary contest, and it put Mitt Romney in a better position to stay in the Republican primary for a much longer period of time, than if he had lost. Coming into the 2012 Republican primary, a lot of people thought Mitt Romney would be the last man standing when it's all said and done. But there are just as much people who aren't sure about Mr. Romney. People who who don't like him, some people who don't believe in him.

    The victory in IA. by Mr. Romney, means a lot to him and his supporters, I'm sure. Because he won IA. Although by the slimmest of margin, a few hours later he picked up the endorsement of Senator John McCain, which isn't surprising to say the least. Will Mr. Romney's win in IA. propelled him on to winning the Republican Primary? At this point no one knows for sure. Mr. Romney is still having a tough time capturing the evangelical vote from his Republican base. A voting block that he needs to win over in order for him to win his party's Nomination  and become the candidate who will represent them in the 2012 Presidential Election on the first Tuesday in November. His win in IA. put him once again at the head of the field as the front runner. A position no on seems to be able to hold on to for TOO LONG, and it won't be easy for him. Mr. Romney has a tough road to hold. But with this mediocre field running against him, who knows!

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