Friday, January 6, 2012

The Music Industry..

I am an avid music lover and a very passionate song writer. Even though the music business is extremely difficult for anyone to break into,  I think the music business is a great business to be involved with for anyone who thinks they have what it takes to make it in the industry, such as myself.

In my experience, the music business is as tough a business as there is in the world to get into. Even though it is difficult, I am still very encouraged by what I see and with where the music business is headed in the future. Although my experience in the music business is very limited at this time, because of good people in the music business the likes of Mr. Chris Keaton who encourage me to "just do it" As difficult as it is for me as a struggling song writer, I am pushing forward with my song writing aspirations of becoming a big time song writer.

The experiences I've had in the music business thus far tell me that the music business is not for everyone, but if you're one like myself who thinks the music business is for you, don't give up.  Being involved in the music business offers you great opportunities of touching so many peoples lives in a positive manner, much more than you will ever imagine. I had the wonderful opportunities of meeting a few executives in the music business and seeing first hand how the business operates. It encourages me to keep moving forward with passion and determination to become a big time song writer, and made me fell very comfortable getting involved in the music business. I wouldn't trade my limited experiences in the music business for anything in the World. The music business is a great business to be involved with.

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