Monday, January 30, 2012

The Consequences of Lies and Alibis..

A lie is a intentional deliberate false statement, meant only to deceive. An alibi is an excuse used mainly to avoid blame. An alibi is normally used by someone as a part of their defense against something they were accused of, or alleged to have done.

I am not going to say that I've never told a lie. But after seeing the negative impact that lies had on so many people's life, as got older in life I made a pledge to myself, to practice telling the truth.We know that the truth can hurt, and it does. But when you tell the truth you shouldn't give a damn who it hurts. As far as I'm concern, there's no good lie!

Ninety nine percent of the time, before you tell a lie you know that it's a lie. The person you're telling that lie to, you can't look them in the eye, so you turn your head and say it anyway. Don't giving a damn who you hurt. Lies that has an alibi to back it up. Is a lethal combination that could make someone cry, or even worse, getting someone killed or send them to jail.

If you've to cry to convince someone with a lie, that your reason not to lie. Before you tell a lie. Ask yourself, why? Why do I need to tell a lie? What will be the consequences of my lie? Am I going to hurt someone with this lie that I'm about to tell? We should never put ourself in a position where we have to tell a lie!

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