Friday, January 20, 2012

Mr. Newt Gingrich...

Mr. Self-aggrandizing, Newt Gingrich! Stole the show at the Republican Presidential Debate last night (Thursday) when he went after moderator John King in a confrontational manner defending himself against an allegation made against him by his second wife "Mariane." Mr. Gingrich went after the moderator of the debate, John King like a caged lion who was just set free and couldn't wait to go after it's prey.

The allegation that was made against Mr. Gingrich by his second wife "Mariane." In an unbelievably sensational interview on ABC news in which Mr. Gingrich second wife "Mariane" alleged that her ex-husband (Newt Gingrich) wanted her to have an "open marriage" so that he could continue his affair with his aide Callista, who later became his third wife. Mr. Gingrich was thrown out as speaker of the House of Representative by his own leadership. What Mr. Gingrich second wife "Mariane" said about him, goes straight to his character. I know what his second wife said, is only an allegation. But those are some of the reasons why  Mr. Gingrich is considered by some as despicable, immoral individual. I can't see how this man can become the next President of the United States, with all the political baggage that he has!

I have one thing to say to Mr. Gingrich. The tooth paste is out of the tube, you can't put it back in. Instead of attacking the moderator of the debate. Trying your best to deflect the negative attention you were getting from moderator John King. Why didn't you try to explain the situation, by telling the American people the truth? The American People is very forgiving. I think that would have worked much better for you.

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