Friday, May 27, 2011


   Sarah Palin: And "the lame stream media" Mrs. Palin acts as it she hates the media. But, because she is not getting enough attention from the same media she called "lame stream" she is now launching a north eastern United States bus tour, starting this Sunday May 29, in Washington D.C. A lot of people thinks the reason why Mrs. Paling is taking this bus tour, of the north eastern states of America. Is because she wants to take the pulse of the citizens of these states, in order for her to make the final decision on whether to run for the Presidency of the United States or not.
   That is not the reason why Mrs. Palin is taking this bus tour. The reason is. Mrs. Palin cannot stand the fact, that everyone in the Republican Party, who has already announced, their candidacy for the Presidency of the of the United States, is grabbing the head lines and she is not one of them. Mrs. Palin is an attention grabber. Do not let her fool you. She is not going to run for President of the United States. Mrs. Palin cannot deal with the tough questions from the media. She does not have what it takes to be PRESIDENT of the United States. Do not believe the hype.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


   Thinking about some of the catastrophes that happened around the world over the passed few years. Things such as devastating earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, catastrophic tsunamis, the terrible B.P. oil rig disaster, that spills millions of gallons of oil  in the gulf of Mexico, tornadoes causing horrific devastation in southern, south eastern and mid-west states in this country(AMERICA). I cannot help but wonder. Is it because of those catastrophic events, that happened over the past few years, why Mr. Camping came up with his weird self serving prediction, that the world would end on May 21, 2011? If such is the case. We don't need anything like this to happen again. We must not draw conclusion from every catastrophe, that mother nature put on the earth. Beside, we have enough false PROPHETS running around the world already, we do not need anymore.
   Mr. Camping acts as if he is a true believer of the BIBLE, I doubt that very much. I am not going to quote the BIBLE currently. But there are language in the BIBLE that ststes, that when JESUS returns to walk the earth. None of us will know the second, the minute, the hour or the day when he will returned. He is going to return like a thief in the night. So, if  Mr. Camping is a true believer in the BIBLE,  he would not have made such a dispicable, self-aggrandizing prediction, PROPHESYING, that the world should have ended on May 21, 2012. If JESUS do not come back to walk the earth without you know, when he is coming. The world is not ending! Do not let false PROPHETS lead you!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The President is in Europe on a six days four Countries European trip. On Monday he was in Ireland, there he visited his roots and met with the President of Ireland. The purpose of his trip to Europe is to try to establish a better relationship with Poland and promote economic growth for America. The other two countries he will visit is England and France. My guest is that this trip has been planned before the killing of "BIN LADEN." But the President knows that the bump he got in the pools after the killing of "BIN LADEN" wont help him in the 2012 Presidential Election. The President knows he has to start focusing on the economy, everyone in America knows that famous quote by now. "IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID." Mr. President: If you want to be re-elected in 2012, you must get the economy moving in the right direction, at a much faster pace than it's moving right now. If you do not, you wont be re-elected in the 2012 Presidential Election. I hope the President has a magic wand in his bag of tricks. If he do not get the economy going in the right direction, where Americans can see and feel it. The President wont be re-elected.

Monday, May 23, 2011


I've traveled the world. Seen a lot of beautiful faces, in a lot of beautiful places. I've seen many superstars and many more people trying to become a star. I've learned a lot about world leaders, Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses. I've done all the travelling and learning about the world, from one computer in my home, hooked up to the INTERNET. The Internet: Is cutting edge technology at "it's best." The Internet: An infinite invention.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Supposedly, today May 21, 2011, at 6 pm eastern time, the world should have ended. But, for the majority of us who didn't believe in such a shameless idiocy of a prediction, that the apocalypse was going to happen on May 21, 2011, thank GOD the world still exist. Who is this man, (Harold Camping) and why would he made such a false prediction, base on his misinterpretation of BIBLICAL events, that happen so many years ago? I don't understand his motive or what he was trying to do. The apocalypse he predicted didn't happen. What will he say now? What will his excuse be? Then again, why should any one cares, what his excuse is going to be!? After his despicable behavior, trying to be a prophet. Why should anyone wants to hear anything from him, ever again.

Friday, May 20, 2011


   Just as Mr. Gingrich Presidential campaign got started, it's over! Mr. Gingrich announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America, about a week ago. In less than a week it seems as if it's over. The reason why it's over for Mr. Gingrich is, because of the comments he made on MEET THE PRESS, one of which was to attack CONGRESS man Paul Ryan's budget plans. Mr. Gingrich called Paul Ryan's budget plans "RIGHT WING SOCIAL ENGINEERING." The Republican Party higher Archy is very mad at Mr. Gingrich, they had a few choice words for him, caustic if you asked me. After ever one in the Republican Party was provably upset with Mr. Gingrich, the next day he started singing a different tune, saying that's not what he meant, hoping to get back in the good graces of his fellow Republicans. It didn't work, they kept on attacking Mr. Gingrich.
   See, this is why I thought Mr. Gingrich isn't a viable candidate for President of the United States, anyway! He is one of the biggest flip flopper there is. He says one thing today and within twenty four hours, he changes his mind according to the feedback he got. Mr. Gingrich isn't a strong leader, a strong leader stick to his convictions. Mr. Gingrich is compromising his principle for ideology, he is going to be seen by the electorate as a weak leader. My opinion is, if he had stick to what he believed in, he would have become a more credible, viable candidate to represent the Republican Party as their Presidential candidate. Having said that, I didn't think Mr. Gingrich had any chance of winning the Republican Primary Election.
   Mr. Gingrich is a has been. Where are the new faces in the Republican Party? Where are the new faces, with bold innovative ideas to get the Country on the right track? I am tired of the same old faces from the same old places, with the same old ideas. Give us something new, we're living in the twenty first century, we're sick of the 19 century ideas, that goes something like this. Cut taxes for the rich, cut taxes for the rich, and it goes on and on and on. Give us something new, show us that you've a creative mind, and a vision for the country..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A few weeks ago I remembered writing about Donald Trump. At that time I wrote that Mr. Trump and his fake Presidential campaign won't last too long. As a matter of fact , I compared his fake Presidential campaign to hot sauce. Yesterday May 16, 2011, Mr. Trump finally had enough of himself and the continuous lies he had been telling the American people. Mr. Trump is nothing more than a magniloquent, attention seeking, head line grabbing individual. He went around the country faking as if he was taking the pulse of the NATION, knowing all along he was fooling so many people. I wasn't one of them. What arrogance of this man, to travel around the country, knowing all along he wasn't a serious candidate for Presidential office. Mr. Trump had the gall to mess with so many Americans, emotions. From here on America, don't take this man, (Mr. Trump) seriously about anything again. He is a joke, and a self-aggrandizing individual. See him for who and what he is.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


With all the problems AMERICA supposedly having, the inevitable raising of the debt ceiling, high unemployment, a slow economic recovery, the budget battle in WASHINGTON, the housing crisis, and the rising cost of living, just to name a few. One would think that everyone should and would be running away from AMERICA. Instead of running away from AMERICA people are still migrating to AMERICA by the thousands. AMERICA is still the GREATEST COUNTRY on the face of the Earth. At this point and time in my life, there is no other country I would rather be living in than AMERICA. I'm willing to assume that 99 percent of all AMERICANS feels the same way as I do. GOD bless AMERICA, the GREATEST COUNTRY in the world..

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011


What is next for AMERICA and the rest of the world? Now that the world most wanted terrorist Bin Laden is dead. What does this mean for AMERICA and the rest of the world? Will AMERICA and the rest of the world be able to go back to the way of life they were so used to and loved so much? No! Those days are gone goodbye, never coming back. Gone are the good old days of getting on a aeroplane without being patted down by airport security agents, gone are the days when you don't have to take your shoes off before getting on a aeroplane and your luggage being thoroughly checked, both manually and by sophisticated high tech electronic screening devices. It's hard to phatom that one man "Bin Laden" the head of a criminal organization known by the name AL QAEDA could cause so many countries in the western world and many more countries in the world to change their way of life. But that's exactly what that mad man "Bin Laden" did. AMERICA and the rest of the world will have to be ever so vigilant. There are too many Bin Laden cronies in the world who will be plotting their revenge against AMERICA and the rest of the world. Hopefully AMERICA will be able to get the rest of the  AL QAEDA members before they can commit anymore atrocities..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


"Only a fool can be led by another fool."
Becareful of who you let leed you or
influences you. It could be detrimental
to you and your family..


The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is,
unsuccessful people keep on doing things that make them unsuccessful.
Don't be one of them..

Sunday, May 1, 2011


    We all remember how we felt, when we were on a date with someone we thought was very special. We couldn't wait for the chance to go on this date with this person whom we thought were someone special. The day and time has arrived. But right before that exact moment, maybe an hour or two before, We became apprehensive. You start asking yourself questions like. What if this special person or this person whom you thought is special, don't like you? Your ego kicks in and says. "They're going to like you, you got it going on, you're HOT STUFF." You try to tell your ego to shut up, but it's not listening. Your ego keep on BOOSTING you by telling you that, "you're the GREATEST person in the world. This person is going to fall head over heels for you." It finally stopped And you said to yourself  well, I hope this person is an amicable individual, at least maybe you will end up having a good time.
    Now you're finally on this date with this special person or person whom you thought was special. And before too long you realized, this person is your worst NIGHTMARE. This person sits there and let you do all the talking, barely says anything, maybe because they're too shy or because they figure you're the one who wants to get to know them, either way it's a bad situation. Now you mentally start calling this person every name in the book, at the same time hoping something will happen to get you out of this date IMMEDIATELY, right now, right this minute. Have you ever stopped to think the other person on this date with you is thinking and feeling the same way about you. It's not always the OTHER PERSON, sometimes it's you. Take a look at yourself, your behavior and your APPROACH.. 

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   The White House Correspondents Dinner is over. I learned one thing about Mr. Trump last night, he can dish it out but, he can't take it. Mr. Trump has thin skin, can't take a joke, but he likes picking on someone. When Mr. Trump got invited by the WASHINGTON POST to be their guest at the White House Correspondents Dinner, as he accepted the invitation he should have known that the PRESIDENT and SETH MEYERS, who is the special guest comedian would make him the butt of their jokes, which they surely did.
    The PRESIDENT and SETH MEYERS they were both very funny, they had the everyone in audience in stitches at Mr. Trump expence. Mr. Trump crack a smile only once. It was obvious he wasn't enjoying himself at all. Mr. Trump had the GUMPTION to accept the WASHINGTON POST invitation to go to the White House Correspondents Dinner last night. I can tell you he truly REGRETTED it. The DONALD had his COMEUPPANCE last night, what else did he expect? Mr. Trump! You aint nothing but HOT SAUCE. The sensation someone gets from the BURN of  HOT SAUCE, doesn't last too long, NEITHER will you or your fake PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN..