Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A few weeks ago I remembered writing about Donald Trump. At that time I wrote that Mr. Trump and his fake Presidential campaign won't last too long. As a matter of fact , I compared his fake Presidential campaign to hot sauce. Yesterday May 16, 2011, Mr. Trump finally had enough of himself and the continuous lies he had been telling the American people. Mr. Trump is nothing more than a magniloquent, attention seeking, head line grabbing individual. He went around the country faking as if he was taking the pulse of the NATION, knowing all along he was fooling so many people. I wasn't one of them. What arrogance of this man, to travel around the country, knowing all along he wasn't a serious candidate for Presidential office. Mr. Trump had the gall to mess with so many Americans, emotions. From here on America, don't take this man, (Mr. Trump) seriously about anything again. He is a joke, and a self-aggrandizing individual. See him for who and what he is.

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