Thursday, May 5, 2011


What is next for AMERICA and the rest of the world? Now that the world most wanted terrorist Bin Laden is dead. What does this mean for AMERICA and the rest of the world? Will AMERICA and the rest of the world be able to go back to the way of life they were so used to and loved so much? No! Those days are gone goodbye, never coming back. Gone are the good old days of getting on a aeroplane without being patted down by airport security agents, gone are the days when you don't have to take your shoes off before getting on a aeroplane and your luggage being thoroughly checked, both manually and by sophisticated high tech electronic screening devices. It's hard to phatom that one man "Bin Laden" the head of a criminal organization known by the name AL QAEDA could cause so many countries in the western world and many more countries in the world to change their way of life. But that's exactly what that mad man "Bin Laden" did. AMERICA and the rest of the world will have to be ever so vigilant. There are too many Bin Laden cronies in the world who will be plotting their revenge against AMERICA and the rest of the world. Hopefully AMERICA will be able to get the rest of the  AL QAEDA members before they can commit anymore atrocities..

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