Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Journey Of Life..

    Although life is easy for some of us, typically, the journey of life isn't an easy road. Life is filled with a lot of ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valleys. However you choose to phrase it, all of us has been there at least once in our life. The way we deal with the numerous challenges that we encounter from day to day in our lives, goes along way in determining the quality of life that we live.

    Some challenges in life is much more difficult than others. We have to resolve to find the strength inside of us, that will uplift us, and keep us pursuing and driving towards our goals. Goals that we set before we encountered these challenges. As difficult as some of these obstacles we face in life may be, some very hard to overcome, and some we may never overcome. We can't afford to let life challenges, paralyze and immobilize us with fear, to the point where we feel like giving up and doing nothing. Giving up and doing nothing, shouldn't be an option. Even when we feel like the problem is too much for us to overcome, we've to keep on reaching, digging deep down inside of us to find the strength, to do whatever it take to make our life better.

    When the hands of life deals you one of those surprising challenges, that life has to offer. And it feels like the World is crumbling around you. With no where to run, and no place to hide. And it feels like everyone is trying to desert you. Never, ever, give up on your life, always believe in yourself! Life is filled with ups and downs. What's happening tomorrow, today we don't know. Tomorrow there might be a pleasant surprise. Don't let the challenges of life be a road block that stops you from achieving. Keep on dreaming, keep fighting, keep digging, keep on reaching. Never give up on your inner feelings. No matter how bad your situation is. Never, ever, give up on your life!

Deep thoughts, comes from great minds!

"Real optimism is aware of problems but recognises the solutions, knows about difficulties but believes they can be overcome, see the negative but accentuate the positive, is exposed to the worst but expects the best, has reason to complain but choose to smile." -William Arthur Ward


  1. i am in total agreement with all you said. whatever cards life deals us, we make the most of them. i underwent so many trials in life you couldn't imagine how i came out in one piece. the trials came one after the other. most times, they even overlapped. how i suffered and bore all these, for me, is a miracle. many times, i got weary and downtrodden; but, somehow i managed to get up and bounced back with a vengeance and never gave up. looking back, in all honesty, the greatest factor that pulled me out of the never ending trials was my unshakeable faith in God. i knew i could not have done it on my own. it was His grace that picked me up when i fell, gave me courage, and strength to keep treading on the path of life i was destined to take. God will not give you a cross you cannot carry. He will provide you all the guidance and assistance that you ever need. i will always give praise to Him, our Lord Almighty. Thank you Father, you made a strong person out of me. stronger in faith in you and stronger in faith in myself.

  2. Clinging Ivy, I always like your perspective..I love the way you look at things. There should be no point in ones life, when they should be thinking about giving is so precious, we should fight for our happiness, until the day we die!! Live life to the fullest!!