Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Importance of a Good Friend..

Some of us, if not most of us, heard this saying at least once in our life-time. Good friends is hard to find. It might sound simple, but yet it is so true. There are signs we can look for when a friendship is in the process of developing between two people. Simple things such as, how much each individual listen to each other and shows you that they care about you or what you're doing or whatever you might be going through at that particular time.

Based on the things I've learned from in my life-time.  A very long life I might add. With good friendship there is always give and take. You should be able to tell each other when you're wrong without offending each other. With good friendship there is no room for hate, but there is always room for growth. From my perspective, a good friendship is loyalty from one individual to another.

For most of us a good friend is someone who is always there for us no matter what the situation or circumstance. A good friend isn't someone who is only there when you're happy and having the best time of your life. A good friend is someone who is always there to support you and have your back when times are tough or when you've a tough decision to make. Some friends might come and go in your life. But a good friend is always there for you even when they're a million miles away. In today's day and age of social networking, a good friend will be there for you via the Internet or the Telephone. No matter how difficult it is, a good friend will always find a way to support you. A good friend is always there to pick you up each and every time you stumble and fall.

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