Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Know your ABC's..

AVOID life pitfalls.
BE CAUTIOUS, but be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams.
CHALLENGE yourself and you will overcome life challenges.
DISCOVERY: Be the first to know.
EXPECT the best from yourself.
FORGIVENESS: Learn to forgive and you will be forgiven.
GIVING is rewarding.
HUNGER for knowledge is a good thing.
IGNORE the critics and their criticism. INVESTIGATE before you jump in.
JUMP for JOY when you accomplished something, but don't stop there.
KEEP your head up, stay positive at all times.
LOVE often, LAUGH a lot and LIVE LIFE to the fullest. Make sure you don't have any regrets.
MAKE good decisions.It's not easy getting to the top of the MOUNTAIN. MEANDERING and wandering wont get it done!
NEVER, ever, give up on your life!
OPULENCE: Don't let it cloud your mind.
PREVENTION is better than having to fix it.
QUESTIONS were meant for us to ask.
RESPECT yourself, that's the only way you will learn to respect others.
STRIVE to be the best. STRIFE isn't necessary.
THINK before you act.
UNDERSTANDING yourself and what you want to do, makes it much easier.
VICTORY is achieved by working hard.
WORK hard for what you want. The harder you work the easier it gets.
  XCELLENTLY,  is the way that it should be done.
YOU have to believe in what you're doing. YOU are in control of your destiny.
ZEAL is a good quality to have.

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