Saturday, February 25, 2012

Don't Get Caught by "WHAT-IF"...

"What" and "if" are two of the most used words in the lexicon. But when we put "what" and "if" together, it becomes the adjective "WHAT-IF" which is also a supposition describing an hypothetical scenario.

 But if you're someone who takes life, and everyone around you for granted, the adjective "WHAT-IF" can and will influence you to make a bad decision, that will probably come back to haunt you at some point and time in your life. If you're anything like me, in the sense of the way I live my life. You'll make sure the adjective "WHAT-IT" don't come back to haunt you in the future. You'll make sure you don't get caught by

As we continue to live our lives, evolve and explore on a daily basis. It's up to us as individuals to make sure there never comes a time when we've to use the adjective "WHAT-IT" in a regrettable manner. The adjective "WHAT-IF" is a supposition that may never happen.

Don't make a final decision base on something that might never happen. Take "WHAT-IF" into consideration when you're making a decision, but don't let it drives your decision making. "WHAT-IF" can be hindering, or be very compelling. Either way I think it can and will impact your decision making negatively.  "WHAT-IF" this and that, or such and such happen, or don't happen. To me making a decision base on "WHAT-IF" is like telling someone that you don't know how to make a decision. Prepare for the worse. Always expect the best. Don't get caught by "WHAT-IT." 


  1. I've never taken the time to personally thank you for all your kind comments on my blog. So thank you! And you're right, living a life full of "what-if's" is no life at all. Instead, take it by the horns and enjoy the ride!

  2. Thank you very much! And I enjoy reading the articles on your blog!