Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back to Back Big Wins For Mr. Romney..

Because of his stunning decisive victory in the Florida Republican Primary, and his big win in the Nevada Caucuses. The Republican Presidential Nomination is Mr. Romney's to lose. Unless something unthinkable happens, Mr. Romney is going to win the Republican Presidential Primary. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but death and taxes.And as Topsy-Turvy  as this Republican Presidential Primary is, we should never say never. But I can't fathom any scenario in which I can see him loosing.

Although a lot of Mr. Romney's political base isn't one hundred percent in love with him, the majority of them sees him as the candidate  with the best chance to defeat President Obama in the General Election. Can Mr. Romney beat President Obama? At this time it's too early to tell.

Mr. Romney and his political team obviously went back to the drawing board. They hammered Mr. Gingrich in the Florida with hard hitting negative advertisement like their lives depended on it. Mr. Gingrich was very badly wounded and politically damaged by Mr. Romney and his team. Mr. Gingrich is so badly damaged, I don't think he will be able to recover from his political wounds within seven months, the remaining time left in the Republican Presidential Primary. Mr. Gingrich was battered and his ego was very badly bruised!

While he was campaigning in Florida Mr. Romney showed us that he knows how to fight. And Mr. Gingrich showed us that he can dish it out, but he can't take a political punch. Mr. Gingrich went from a triumphant character in South Carolina, to a cry baby in Florida. As a matter of fact. Mr. Gingrich was so bitter after he lost in Florida, he didn't bother to call Mr. Romney and give him the courtesy congratulation that most politicians give to the winning opponent after they loss. It now seems as if Mr. Gingrich is going to do any and everything possible, to make Mr. Romney's political life as miserable as possible for the next seven months. It should be a lot of fun to watch.

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