Saturday, October 6, 2012

Life Is Not An Easy Road...

Don't give up on your journey, life is not an easy road.

Righteousness and justice, let it be the foundation of your throne,
and everything else will fall into place.
Equal rights and justice, should be a part of our existence.
Love and faithfulness, let it go before you, and let it be your guide.
Behind a dark cloud, there is a silver lining.
From behind a dark cloud, the sun will come out.
Everything cannot be seen by the naked eyes.
Beyond the naked eyes, there are visions of many things.
Follow your intuition, and pursue your dreams. 
Don't give up on your inner feelings, some of the things that you're feeling inside,
is coming from the Almighty God, the creator.
God is giving you little hints, of things you can do, to make your life better.
Follow your innermost feelings, don't let nothing, or no one stop you from doing so!

Don't give up on your journey, life is not an easy road!

A few of these lines is from the Bible.. interpreted into my own words.


  1. Such a comforting, uplifting poem, Lenworth. Thank you for these beautiful words.

  2. Thanks for visiting Lahn...I haven't written anything new lately...trying to make some music!