Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mesmerizing Intellectual Beauty..

Many people thinks that
Love is the beauty of the soul
But your intelligence, is something to behold
You are intellectually beautiful
Your intellectual beauty
Is exciting and enlighteningly mesmerizing

Acuity and acumen
That can only be found, in a few humans
Incite with a bite
So captivating and compelling
We can learn so much from you
If we are willing

To be in your presence
Is an immeasurable delight
From being in your presence
I gained so much insight
You brought so much knowledge
Into my life

Vision and perception
So precise
Many people are saying that
They have never seen anyone
With your intellectual capabilities
They have not seen your intelligence
In any other human!


  1. Wonderfully written; and beautifully said. Yes, this is how you can bring depth into your own life by witnessing others intellectual abilities. One example would be Helen Keller, a woman who had to struggle to understand her world that she was living in; and the dedication of her teacher for her vision.

  2. Thank you very much Carol..I am so glad that you understand what I am saying..coming from a writer like you, it's highly appreciated!!

  3. What a wonderful poem , special coming from U , you are a great human being and this beautiful poem is the prove that you have a great heart and special gift that God gave you , Im so proud to have you like a good friend , you touched me heart and make me feel alive again , thanks for being here and thanks for let me be your friend
    Your friend forever
    Ceci =)

  4. Thank you very much Ceci! I appreciate it very much, coming from you, because I know that you are very honest!! Thank you!

  5. It's nice to see a poem about intelligence. Thank you.

  6. Thank you Leah! Nice seeing you here!!