Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Is Going On In Here?

What Is Going On In Here?
by Leah Oviedo

Need a little inspiration? Are you searching for answers?  Look inside yourself already! Embrace your true self and learn about who YOU are. There you will find inspiration and answers to those burning questions.

Psychologists have a term called 'ego development' which explains that we mature and evolve over our lifespan as we become more self aware. I take this to mean that if we can accept ourselves than we can grow and be our own guide. This is in place of needing someone or something else to lead the way and tell us what is right. So go ahead and ask yourself who you are and what you want.  Don't focus on what society or your family or friends expect. Focus on what feels right for YOU. 

Self awareness means searching for insight about what your real essence is. Accept who you are, accept your differences as is. You are not wrong for being different, you just are. What do you love about yourself?  What have you accomplished so far? What have you risked? Even the smallest steps can be difficult, so don't push those aside as not important. Look at how you have changed and matured and be proud. En route to self awareness you might need some help so read books, listen to other people, ask questions and be open to learning something new. I can say that from personal experience these are great actions to take. 

Over the past year I have forced myself to look at my actions and my thoughts to see who I am. I have found that what I used to think was wrong is actually just different. My personal beliefs, my passions, my goals and the process I am taking to get what I want is right for me. I see life very differently and I feel emotions differently than what I see in the masses. I no longer feel there is a right or wrong, because as I accept my own differences I can accept that other people also see life differently. This is based on who they are and what they have experienced. I am simply going to live my life in a way that feels right to me. Like the saying goes, "You do your thing and I will do mine."

Once you realize that nobody else can love you as much as you love yourself you will not need outside approval to be different. It takes commitment and bravery to go against the expectations of others, but I believe we are all capable to think for ourselves. Follow your intuition and really live in a way that you feel is right. It will be much easier to get past obstacles when we know our own strength. 

 Leah Oviedo is an author, illustrator and optimistic person. If you enjoyed this post, follow her blog.www.writewhatuknow.wordpress.com


  1. There is nothing better than positive encouragement! Thanks Leah!

  2. Thank you for allowing me a chance to write this guest post Scully. I really enjoyed writing this article.

  3. Good reminders for those (like me) that fall back down... i will get back up, each time.