Saturday, May 19, 2012

Courage; All of us Have it, But some of us Don't Use It.

I think that all human beings has courage. But I think that it takes a very courageous person to show courage. Courage is standing up for something that you believe in strongly, even when you've to stand alone. Courage is doing something to help others, even when you know for a fact, that helping them could be detrimental to you.

Confronting and doing what has to be done, without worrying about how it will affect you.
Opine strongly, because your convictions is telling you that, it's the right thing to do.
Understanding the need and wants of others, when you're in need and wants for yourself.
Relentless in the pursuit of doing good, instead of evil.
Avoid doing what is wrong at all times, and make sure that you do only what is right.
Expecting yourself to do your best to help others, while expecting nothing in return for your help.

COURAGE; is seeing a car on fire with someone trapped inside. And you do your best to get them out before it explode, without worrying about the car exploding and blowing you into bits and pieces..All human beings have courage. Be courageous, but use courage wisely!

Gratitude is not courage, but it's good to show gratitude whenever someone is courageous! 


  1. very well said. words of wisdom! i absolutely agree with you. courage to me is facing all your fears and insecurities. it also means doing everything which seemingly are impossible. bouncing back with a vengeance from all the adversities in life. focusing on life goals and never counting the cost of how, where and when to get there. never losing hope even when all odds are against you. facing defeat and learning lessons from it. effecting changes and bad habits that would make better persons and children of God that we are. have a courageous heart, everyone!

  2. Clinging Ivy, thank you very much..your comment is greatly appreciated!

  3. Perfect Scully!!!
    Absoluely Perfect!!