Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Poem For Mothers..Happy mother's Day!

As a man
I'm assuming
That for a woman
There is nothing more GLORIOUS for a woman
Than being a mother

My mother once told me
That being a mother
Is a very hard job
And that it's much harder
When you're trying your best, to be a good mother
Being a good mother, she says
Her work is never done
But, it's also a lot of fun

Get the unadulterated fulfilling pleasure
From loving, caring, and nurturing their children or child

A mother's love
Is unlike any love you could ever imagine
A mother's love
Is the kind of love
Only a mother can give
A mother's love
Cannot be matched, measured or quantified
Mothers are invaluable!

To all the wonderfully great
Loving, caring, and nurturing mothers
Today "Mother's day" I say to all of you
Have yourselves
A fun day, filled with love and happiness
Have yourselves
A Wonderfully Happy Mother's Day!


  1. A very wonderfully written poem. It was so enjoyable reading it! Thank you!

  2. Thank you Carol Kappes! Your comment is greatly appreciated..Have a wonderful mother's day!

  3. Thanks you very much Mark! I appreciate your comment!

  4. Beautiful tribute to all mothers... and yes it's the toughest job I'll ever love with long hours and no pay. If I had the choice, I'd do it all over again. A mother's love knows no end. Beautifully written my friend!!!

  5. Thank you Trisha for your kind words!