Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dating Game..Thinking You are Hot Stuff..

All of us can remember how we felt, when we went on a date with someone that we thought was very special. But before the date happened. We couldn't wait for the time to come, so that we could go on this date with the person whom we thought was someone special.

The day and time has arrived. But right before the exact moment. Maybe an hour are two before we go on the date, we became apprehensive. We start asking ourselves, questions like these. "What if this person whom I thought is so special, don't like me?" Your ego kicks in and said. "They're going to like you, you got it going on, you're HOT STUFF." You try to tell your ego to shut up, but it's not listening to you. Your ego kept on BOOSTING you, by telling you that. "You're the GREATEST person in the world. This person whom you think is so special, is going to fall head over heels for you." Your ego finally stopped. And you said to yourself, "well, I hope this person is an amicable individual, at least, maybe I will end up having a good time."

Now you're finally on your date with this person whom you thought is so special. And before too long you realized, that this person whom you thought is so special, is your worst NIGHTMARE. This person just sits there as quiet as a Church Mouse, and let you do all the talking, barely says anything. Maybe because they're too shy, or they figured, that you're the one who wants to get to know them. Either way it's becoming a bad situation very fast. Now you start thinking to yourself, and mentally calling this person every name in the book that you can imagine. And at the same time you're hoping that something will happen to get you out of this date IMMEDIATELY, right now, right this minute, without hurting this persons feelings.

Have you ever stop, and think for a moment, that the other person who is on this date with you, is thinking and feeling the same way about you, as you felt about them. It's not always the other person, sometimes it's you or me. Take a closer look at yourself, your behavior, and your approach!


  1. I'm sure many of us can relate to your thoughts here... the joys and hells of dating.

  2. Most of us been there at least once..thanks, Jungron!