Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Personification of a Beautiful Woman..

Immaculately beautiful you are
Most people don't see it from a far
You're the personification of a beautiful woman
Your beauty fascinates every man

Your beauty is exceptionally unique
Most of my friends
Thinks that you are a freak
A freak of nature, they think you are
Because, only mother nature
Could create someone or something
With such exceptional beauty

Many of my friends has told me
That your beauty
Is provocatively alluring
They wondered out aloud
How could you ever be boring

My friends also told me that
Your beauty doesn't evoke any memories for them
Because, they have never been with a woman
Who is as beautiful as you are

 My friends, love to discuss with me
Your beauty and sexuality
What they don't know
And fails to understand
Is, that you're gracefully beautiful
And you are, a wonderful human! 


  1. Wow! Describing the most perfect woman God has gifted to man. Rightly said, man must learn how to love her.

  2. Thank you Carol! Your comment is very encouraging..I love your blog!