Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Contradiction, Contradiction..

Contradiction, Contradiction:
You can't keep on doing things that will cause a commotion,
or create for yourself a lot of friction, that will cause you self confusion.

When we sow bad seed there will be nothing to harvest.
When we sow good seed everything is going to flourish.
You can't do bad things and expect good things to happen for you.
You've to do good things in order for good things to happen.

You can't be wrong and expect someone to tell you that you're right.
In order for you to be right, you've to be right.
You can't tell a lie and then say you told the truth.
No! You've just told another lie.
You can't keep on lying and then say you've integrity.

You can't knowingly steal something and then say you're not a thief.
You can't be a thief and then say you're practicing honesty.
You can't knowingly be a thief and then proclaim to the World, that you're innocent.
No! You can't and you should not!

Unless you're going insane and don't have the mental capacity to understand what you're doing.
You should always try to do the right thing!
Doing anything that is wrong, is a bad foundation for you to live your life on!