Thursday, April 28, 2011


It wasn't much long ago a lot of well thinking people was saying how stupid they thought our former PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH was. I wasn't one of them. I thought GEORGE W. BUSH is a smart man. Did he makes mistakes? YES! All PRESIDENTS do. Not once did I hear anyone ask PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH to release his collage record, his school transcript or question how did he got into collage. What is the reason for all this GARBAGE they're spitting out, When it comes to our first AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT? One of the most well EDUCATED PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA. Is it because they're JEALOUS, ENVIOUS or is it just plain HATRED. Can someone PLEASE tell me why're they doing this?
    We all question our PRESIDENTS policies, the way they deal with the ISSUES of the day. But never in the HISTORY of AMERICA, as for as I can remember, have I ever heard any one mess with a PRESIDENT character or his dignity. Now they're doing it to the first AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT in the HISTORY of AMERICA. Come on AMERICA, I don't care if you're an INDEPENDENT, a DEMOCRAT or a REPUBLICAN. Where did human DECENCY go? It's gone goodbye, never coming back. I hope i'm wrong about that. This is what AMERICA is coming to now? We're better than this. Let's not do this anymore. WHY?! Why're we doing this?

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