Wednesday, April 27, 2011


DONALD TRUMP!! Mr. flip flopper. The greatest flip flopper in the history of flip flopping. It wasn't much long ago Mr. Trump was saying how much he loved PRESIDENT OBAMA. Now all of a sudden he can't stand the PRESIDENT. I can't help but, wonder,  why the sudden chande? He is not giving us any reason for his sudden hatred of PRESIDENT OBAMA. The only inclination of a reason he is giving us is telling us about the PRESIDENT'S birth certificate or where he was born.
    Mr. Trump! Can you tell me the real reason for the sudden hatred of the PRESIDENT? Maybe you don't have any reason at all, you're just JUMPING on the BIRTHER and the TEA PARTY'S bandwagon. Hiching a ride, holding on for as long as you can before you fall off. Becareful Mr. Trump! You might not be able to get up, after you fall. Stop messing with some of the AMERICAN PEOPLE emotions. You said on many occasions that PRESIDENT OBAMA is the worse PRESIDENT in the history of AMERICA. I for one disagrees with you, but i'm not writing about myself, i'm writing about you..Mr. Trump!! Can you tell me why you think the PRESIDENT is the worst in the history of AMERICA? I want to know, AMERICA wants to know. Could you PLEASE do me that little favor?..

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