Friday, April 29, 2011


   Now that Donald Trump CREDIBILITY is shattered. He is now showing that he isn't just a BILLIONAIRE, he is also an ARROGANTAIRE. Speaking to a group of people in a Las Vegas casino, Mr. Trump dropt the f-bomb so many times I lost count of how many times he said it. Mr. Trump and his act as become so DESPICABLE he is starting to like a man DROWNING and is grasping at straws.
   Running for PRESIDENT isn't a JOKE Mr. Trump, but you're, and a BIG, BIG JOKE you've become. He keeps on reminding us of his TV show on NBC. AMERICA is not a TV show Mr. Trump. Unlike a TV show AMERICA isn't rehearsed and scripted from begin to end, where ninety nine percent of the time we all know how it's going to end. In as DIFFICULT a time as this in our NATIONS history, we need a LEADER with high ACUITY, and great ACUMEN. Mr. Trump! With all due respect I don't think you've any of the two QUALITIES I just mention. We don't need a LEADER who ran his business into BANKRUPTCY on four different OCCASIONS..

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