Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I never thought that I would see anyone running for PRESIDENTIAL office, who is less verse on the ISSUES than SARAH PALIN..DONALD TRUMP is worse.
    Did you see DONALD TRUMP on ABC and MSNBC news this morning? He EMBARRASSED himself this morning, with his lack of KNOWLEDGE when it comes to the ISSUES that is driving this election cycle or any ISSUE for that matter. DONALD TRUMP was TRUMPED this morning by SAVANNAH GUTHRIE co-host of the daily rundown on MSNBC..When she asked him about the RIGHT TO PRIVICY, HE COULDN'T ANSWER..On ABC 's Good morning AMERICA..George Stephonapoulos asked him about flip flopping on ABORTION..He looked like a deer caught in head  lights..
   This is getting more and more EMBARRASSING as the days go by..DONALD TRUMP! Take my advice, shut up and go away...You're becoming the LAUGHING STOCK in the POLITICAL ARENA..How much attention, do you want? Stop making a fool of yourself..

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