Thursday, December 29, 2011


The 2012, Presidential Election is rapidly approaching. The Iowa caucuses is less than a week away and there is no clear cut front-runner in the Republican Primary at this time. Although it is still very early in the race, normally we would get some indication of who is going to win the Republican Primary by now. This Presidential  Election cycle (2012) is very different, almost unlike any other I've seen before. At the moment the Republicans don't have any clear indications, about any of the candidates running in the Primary Election, which one will represent them in the General Election on the first Tuesday in November against President Obama. It seems as if there is a new front-runner every month, most recently Newt Gingrich. But after he climb to the top, closer scrutiny followed, and his political stock fell like a cascading water fall. I know most of us remember that old saying. "the higher the monkey climb the more he exposed" Now that Mr. Gingrich baggage has come back to haunt him, who will be the new front-runner? I guess the Iowa caucuses next Tuesday will let us know who the new front-runner is.

In this General Election cycle of 2012, where the Republicans should've the upper hand in winning back the White House. I don't see a candidate who stands out as the one who is going to defeat President Obama in the 2012, Presidential Election. With all the problems this President is having, IE, high unemployment, a bad economy, to name a few. And I might add there is a glimmer of hope that those two that I just mention is turning around, heading in the right direction. I don't think it will be as easy as most previously thought for the Republicans to win back the White House. With the President approval rating going up after winning the payroll tax cut fight, he has a better chance right now of getting re-elected, which is something a lot of us didn't think we would be saying at this time.

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