Saturday, November 26, 2011

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Everyone wants to be happy, healthy and strong. But it's incumbent on us as individuals to do the things that is necessary in order for us to be happy, healthy and strong. Exercising regularly, eating right, (proper nutrition) and getting a good night's rest, has a pivotal role to play in the way we feel about ourselves. Three month ago I was given a challenge by a family friend who is a nutritionist, after I told him I wasn't feeling too good about myself. He made a few suggestions of things I could and should do, if I wanted to start feeling better about myself. He challenged me to make sure I do some of these things before I say they won't work. The three things he emphasized most for me to do are, exercising regularly, eating right, (proper nutrition) and to make sure I get a good night's rest. I accepted the challenge from my family friend and told him I would give it my best shot.

After ten weeks of doing some of the things he suggested I should do, I was surprised how good they made me feel. I noticed, dramatic positive changes in the way I feel about myself. I haven't felt this good about my-self in many years. I am amazed at the way a few subtle things can make a big difference in the way we feel about ourselves. After ten weeks of doing some of the things my family friend suggested for me to do. Here are some of the positive things that started happening to me. Myself confidence started growing, I lost some weight, my energy level picked up, I slept much better and I changed my eating habits from poor to good. Now that I've seen positive results, I can't help but wonder what will happen when I start doing the rest of things that he recommended. Things such as, drinking plenty of water, taking long walks, and make jogging or bike riding a part of my exercise routine.

What I've learned over the past ten weeks after practicing good eating habits, exercising regularly and getting a good night's rest. Is that our well-being depends on us as individuals. We've to make positive changes in our lives that will enable us to feel good about ourselves. For those of us who are suffering from low self-esteem or just not feeling good about yourself or your situation. My suggestion to you is, make a few positive changes, it doesn't have to be something spectacular. If you can't come up with anything, maybe you should follow the advice my family friend (the nutritionist) recommended to me. His recommendations are some of the best advice I have gotten in my entire life time!

 Author: Lenworth Scully
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