Monday, July 16, 2012

I Am Missing You Greatly..

You and me
Me and you
Our love is so true
I'm so glad, that I believed in you

Lady, you're such a delight
Because of you my life feels right
I thank GOD day and night
For bringing you into my life

My sweet lovely lady
I'm not obsess you baby
But lately
I've been missing you greatly

You're only gone for three days
But for those three days
I've been in a haze
A mental haze it is
And now it has gotten me into a faze
An emotionally disturbing faze
Because I am missing you for the past three days

Although at times, you drive me passionately crazy
Because you love me passionately
You know, that you're my one and only
My one and only
Sweet, lovely, passionately crazy  lady
You will always be my baby

Hurry home to me sweet lady
I don't like the feeling of missing you greatly
I would rather you be home with me baby
Driving me passionately crazy!


  1. This poem and the other one celebrating love and beauty could be lyrics for songs. Passionate expressions!

    1. Thanks you very much, Jungron! Your kind words is always appreciated..

  2. Wow!!
    This is so beautiful Lenworth, very romantic, touching, and crwative. I absoluetly luv it ;-)

  3. It's so nice to see your comment here..thanks for checking "SUPERJUDE" This is awesome!